Creating an API key

To use any LINZ Data Service web service or API, you will first need to create an API key.

LDS web services start with a key

Your key is a long string of characters unique to your LINZ Data Service (LDS) account and allows you to access your LDS account without you having to provide your password.

Only registered users of the LDS can create API keys, and all web services providing data require an API key.

Once you have created your key, if you are logged into LDS and select a web service URL, your web service key is automatically populated in the URL for you to easily copy and paste into your application.

Here is an example of an LDS WMTS Get Capabilities URL that has a web services key included:;key=g5eic0047fg38fksamnx5430fbdt5970/wmts/1.0.0/layer/50767/WMTSCapabilities.xml

How to create a LDS API key

  1. Log in to LDS and click on your name in the top menu, then click 'API Keys' to open the page. Click the 'Create API Key' button (pictured below).  
    Create API Key button
  2. Use the API Key Label field to give your API key a name.
  3. To create a simple access only API key, select ‘Data access only’. 
    Select ‘Data access only’.
  4. Click the ‘Add’ button. By clicking 'Add', you are agreeing to the Terms of Use. It is your responsibility to respect any copyright and licensing terms that may apply.

Find more information about API keys and the services they provides access to on the Koordinates Support site.

Koordinates Support