LDS APIs and web services

Pull the latest LINZ Data Service data into your web, mobile and GIS applications with our APIS and web services.

You can freely access our bulk raw data through the LINZ Data Service (LDS). It is easy to integrate our data and web map services into your web, mobile or GIS application.

Display and replicate our data in your application

Web services and APIs automatically shares our data with your own application. By directly connecting with LDS, you can access large amounts of data on an ongoing and automatic basis.

Use our Web Map Tile Service or XYZ API to display a map image, or Web Feature Service to retrieve and replicate our raw vector or tabular data.

Find out which LDS API you should use

Keeping your copy of our data up to date

Use our changeset service to access data that is regularly updated. When we update our data, this service allows you to grab just the data that has changed between updates rather than the whole dataset and ensures you always have the most recent LINZ data in your database.

How to use our changeset service