New Zealand Continental Shelf Lambert Conformal 2000 (NZCS2000)

This page contains spatial data covering the New Zealand continental shelf can be represented using the NZCS2000 Lambert Conformal projection.

The extents of NZCS2000 are 160° E to 170° W and 25° S to 60° S.

A Lambert conformal conic projection was chosen rather than the Transverse Mercator projection because the latter becomes excessively distorted when extended over large longitudinal ranges.

NZCS2000 is formally defined in the LINZ standard LINZS25002 (Standard for New Zealand Geodetic Datum 2000 Projections). The key parameters from this standard are summarised below:

Name: New Zealand Continental Shelf Lambert Conformal 2000
Abbreviation: NZCS2000
Projection type: Lambert Conformal Conic
Reference ellipsoid: GRS80
Datum: NZGD2000
First standard parallel: 37° 30' 00" South
Second standard parallel: 44° 30' 00" South
Origin latitude 41° 00' 00" South
Origin longitude: 173° 00' 00" East
False Northing: 7,000,000 metre North
False Easting: 3,000,000 metres East