New Zealand Vertical Datum 2016 (NZVD2016)

The New Zealand Vertical Datum 2016 (NZVD2016) is the official vertical datum for New Zealand and its offshore islands.

From 27 June 2016 New Zealand Vertical Datum 2016 (NZVD2016) replaces NZVD2009 as the official national vertical datum for New Zealand.

NZVD2016 is defined by the NZGeoid2016 geoid. Heights in terms of NZVD2016 are in the normal-orthometric height system. The NZVD2016 datum covers the New Zealand continental shelf area between 160°E –170°W and 25°S – 60°S.

The datum also defines relationship grids that enable heights to be consistently transformed from the 13 existing major LVD to NZVD2016 (and also NZGD2000 ellipsoidal heights if required). The values in the LVD relationship grids vary with horizontal position (This is different from NZVD2009 where there was a mean offset for the entire LVD).

NZVD2016 is consistent with NZGD2000. This means that normal-orthometric NZVD2016 heights can be transformed to ellipsoidal NZGD2000 heights and vice versa.

The accuracy of NZVD2016 heights is described by a series of Orders. Note that the Orders used for normal-orthometric heights are different to that used for ellipsoidal heights.

NZVD2016 is formally defined in the LINZ standard LINZS25009 (Standard for New Zealand Vertical Datum 2016).

Data relating to NZVD2016, including the NZGeoid2016 and the Local vertical datum relationship grids are available from the LINZ Data Service.

The authoritative .sid (Sideris grid format) files, as described in the EPSG Geodetic Parameter Registry can be download as a zip file from the Attachments section below. The data values are: nrow, ncolumn, latitude, longitude, delta-latitude (minutes), delta-longitude(minutes) and the first data value refers to the NW corner of the grid.

For software specific data formats, please contact your software vendor directly.

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