New Zealand Vertical Datum 2016 (NZVD2016)

New Zealand Vertical Datum 2016 (NZVD2016) is the official vertical datum. It is used to define heights in New Zealand and its offshore islands.

New Zealand Vertical Datum 2016 (NZVD2016) is the official vertical datum used in New Zealand. It allows us to produce consistent normal-orthometric heights (h).  

A vertical datum is a reference system that defines how heights are represented. For NZVD2016 this includes the definition of its reference surface New Zealand Quasigeoid 2016 (NZGeoid2016). NZVD2016’s horizontal coordinates are coincident with New Zealand Geodetic Datum 2000 (NZGD2000), allowing us to transform NZGD2000 ellipsoidal heights to NZVD2016 normal-orthometric heights.

NZVD2016 was implemented from 27 June 2016 and replaced the New Zealand Vertical Datum 2009 (NZVD2009). NZVD2016 is formally defined in the Standard for New Zealand Vertical Datum 2016 LINZS25009.

Key parameters for NZVD2016
NameNew Zealand Vertical Datum 2016
EPSG code7839
Coordinate systemVertical: normal-orthometric
Reference geoidNew Zealand Quasigeoid 2016 (NZGeoid2016)
Local vertical datum offsetsThe offset between NZVD2016 the 13 local vertical datums are spatially variable and defined by separate Vertical Datum Relationship Grids 
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