You are viewing guidance that refers to, or is for Legacy Landonline.

Administration rights to install Landonline software

To install Landonline software on your computer, you usually need Administrator rights which allow you to change your computer's configuration.

Follow the instructions below to find out if you have Administration Rights.

Even if you have Administrator rights, installing software yourself on your computer may be against your organisation's IT policy. If you are unsure or you have problems when downloading software, you'll need to contact your IT support staff or service provider.


Open the Settings app (tip: To quickly open the Settings app, you can hold down your Windows logo key and press the letter I )

If using Windows 10 select Your Info in the left sidebar (if not already selected).

If using Windows 11 select Accounts in the left sidebar (if not already selected).

If you have administrator rights assigned to the Windows login that you are currently using, you will see the word "Administrator" under your username in the right panel.  If you do not have administrator rights this text will not display.

Shows a profile icon for "Kevin Smith" with text below the name saying "Administrator"