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Help notes for software downloads

Helpful extra notes about Landonline software.

Citrix Software

Landonline is made available to external users via a thin-client computing model. Thin-client computing means that the Landonline application runs on servers located at LINZ. Customers access Landonline using a special client that controls the user interface - screen updates, keystrokes and clicks - without the need to install the application on their computer.

Another advantage of the client model is that network traffic is significantly less than what would be required if Landonline was installed locally on your computer.

Landonline uses a product known as Citrix, in conjunction with Microsoft Terminal Services to provide the functionality described above.

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UniPrint Client

Uniprint is a universal printer driver used by Landonline to deliver printed output in the form of TIFF files.

Uniprint has a component on the Landonline server that generates an image file and a component on your computer that provides a print preview and allows you to select your printer and page settings.

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Landonline Client Components

There are additional software components required to operate the Landonline system. One example of this is the Landonline symbol font software. This software is required to enable Landonline customers to view and print mapping symbols from within Landonline and has been packaged into the Landonline client components software package.

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Digisign is a required download for conveyancers, surveyors, and territorial authority certification staff with signing rights.

To install Digisign on your computer, please follow the instructions for installing Digisign.

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Landonline Print-to-TIFF Driver

Supporting documents that are attached to Landonline must be created in a Landonline-compatible format. If you receive an error message when attaching a supporting document, you will need to recreate the document in the required format.

To assist with this, we have provided a special printer driver that will allow you to create a TIFF image file from your own application software - without the need to print and scan the document.

To do this you will need to install the Landonline print-to-TIFF driver. Bear in mind that, if you only have a paper original of the document, you will still need to scan it. In this case you will need to ensure that your scanner settings are compatible with Landonline requirements.

Refer to the Landonline scanning requirements for these requirements.

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