2. Enter client reference and settlement date details

Enter a client reference(s) and settlement date(s) to the dealing if you choose (optional).


Client references are optional. However, if entered:

  • Landonline will record this reference on related notices, post-registration searches and the Toitū Te Whenua invoice to assist your client billing.
  • it can help you quickly locate a dealing from your Landing page.

These details can only be edited on the Instruments and Roles page, and are only available for dealings which solely contain instruments we’ve developed in New Landonline (such as Discharge Mortgage, Transfer and Mortgage).

What to do

  1. In the Edit reference info pop-up box, enter Client references.
  • You can record two client references (such as the client matter numbers).
  • Client references can be alpha-numeric, but can’t exceed 30 characters and can’t contain ‘. “, or | characters.
  • Each firm associated with a dealing can enter their own client references. When a party logs on, they will only see the client references for their firm.
  1. Enter the Settlement date.
  • Type the settlement date directly into the Settlement date field by:
    • using the date format DD/MM/YYYY or
    • clicking on the field to open a date picker, using the forward and back arrows to navigate between months, and then clicking on the date.
  • To remove the settlement date, click the ‘X’.
  1. Select the Update button.
  • This will minimise the client reference details into the blue header.
  • Client reference details can be edited by clicking the pencil icon.


enter client reference details
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