Self-assessment questionnaire for survey firms

LINZ has developed a self-assessment questionnaire to help survey firms assess their control environment, and to provide guidance about the types of quality controls survey firms may use within their own office.

The questionnaire has been developed on behalf of the Surveyor-General and is endorsed by Survey and Spatial New Zealand and Institute of Cadastral Surveying Inc (ICS).

The questionnaire is intended to:

  • enable firms to assess the robustness of their own systems and procedures for CSDs submitted to Landonline
  • provide guidance about the types of quality controls firms may use within their own office, and
  • inform LINZ about the level of survey firm control environments and how we might best assist the survey profession to strengthen and improve existing quality controls.

The questionnaire is not an exhaustive list of processes and controls that may be in place within firms.

If you have completed the questionnaire it is recommended that you share the results with your fellow colleagues within your firm who submit CSDs. This may facilitate discussions on how best to enhance your firms control environment. Once the questionnaire is downloaded from the website it is a tool for your internal use and the results do not have to be sent to LINZ.

In some instances, this questionnaire will be sent to selected Licensed Cadastral Surveyors (LCSs) who have requisition rates above the national average. These LCSs will be able to assess their control environment in light of these statistics. LINZ will be requesting responses from those LCSs who have been sent the questionnaire so that LINZ can assist in suggesting quality improvements.

If you would like to contact LINZ in regards to the questionnaire please contact us.


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