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Exception process for e-survey

Some surveyors have asked for more information about LINZ's Exception process and how it works.

Surveyors need to be aware of possible underlying data issues when working in non-SDC areas (i.e. significantly distorted underlying data) and contact Customer Support on 0800 ONLINE (0800 665 463) as early as possible if they have any queries.

The Exception process is a specific Landonline process that can be initiated by a surveyor when a fatal conflict (e.g. a fatal topology business rule error) prevents e-lodgement. These fatal conflicts more commonly occur in non-SDC (Survey-accurate Digital Cadastre) areas.

During submission of an e-survey, Landonline runs a series of business rules to test compliance of the e-survey against standards and Landonline requirements. In the event of a fatal topology business rule error, submission is prevented and the option of using the Exception process becomes available to the surveyor at this point.

When the Exception process is invoked, Landonline initiates an Exception Request for LINZ and places the e-survey on hold in the surveyor's workspace. LINZ then confirms the cause of the error, rectifies it if it's a Landonline issue and advises the surveyor.

For screenshots outlining the steps in the Exception process, see Exception requests.