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Capturing remote trig observations

This article contains information about capturing remote trig observations.

The Standard for Lodgement of Cadastral Survey Datasets (section 4.2) requires you to capture and include in the CSD all vectors and arcs required by the CSR 2021. The exceptions are for boundary marking, Unit Title and Flat/cross-lease CSDs as described in 4.2.1 and 4.2.2.

If a survey includes trig observations that are some distance away from the actual area of subdivision, the Spatial window (Plan Generation/Define Diagram) may take some time to load.

How do I include remote trig observations?

Follow these steps:

  1. Do not capture trig shots initially. Remove these if already captured.
  2. Capture all other survey data as normal.
  3. Run Pre-validation to ensure that all Y Fatal rules pass.
  4. Open Plan Generation/Define Diagram and create all user defined diagrams that will be required for Layout Sheets.
  5. Return to capture and capture the trig observation(s).
  6. Re-link one parcel.
  7. Re run Pre-validation to ensure all Y Fatal rules pass.
  8. Open Plan Generation/Layout Sheets. Note: do not re-open the Define Diagrams as the trig observations will now be included.
  9. In Layout Sheet/Survey Sheet remove the 'system generated survey traverse diagram' off the 'Survey' Layout Sheet.
  10. Layout out the new 'user defined survey traverse diagram'. The trig observations will appear as truncated lines.
  11. Layout all other diagrams.

If further user defined diagrams are required after capturing the trig shots, you have two options

  • Repeat steps 1 to 11, or
  • Leave the trig shots captured and wait for the spatial window in Define Diagrams to open. (Warning – depending on how long the trig shots are this may take some time.)


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