TA e-certification questions and answers

Common questions and answers regarding Territorial Authorities registering for and using Landonline.

How do I use the online Territorial Authority (TA) certificates?

There are two types of TA e-certification templates in Landonline:

  1. Certificate templates located in the e-survey application. These are standard templates with content pre-approved by the Registrar-General of Land (RGL).
  2. An editable template (attachment below) that can be downloaded from the Landonline website. This template also has certificate options pre-approved by the RGL. However, it can also accommodate any non-standard requirements by allowing the addition or deletion of paragraphs.

If a TA is contemplating an approval scenario that does not fit within existing options, please call Customer Support on 0800 665 463 (select option 2).

What steps does a TA have to follow to get set up to start using TA e-certification?

All the steps you need to follow can be found in:

Before signing up

How do we activate TA e-certification?

Your firm’s account automatically has access to the TA e-certification user access type.

To activate TA e-certification, you need to notify LINZ that your TA wishes to be enabled to use Landonline TA e-certification, by emailing your contact details to customersupport@linz.govt.nz with 'Enable TA e-certification' in the subject line.

Why do TAs have to have multiple Landonline accounts?

Larger corporates and government agencies may choose to set up a separate Landonline account for each business unit or branch. This allows separation of activity under Landonline for each business unit and enables separate invoicing.

When Landonline was first developed, each TA was set up with an account name and code in Landonline in readiness for them obtaining a user access type and starting to use TA e-certification. This ensured their Landonline TA e-certification account would be separate from any subsequent accounts required by the TA that do not relate to e-certification.

When is an A&I required by the Territorial Authority (TA)?

For instruments that are to be registered by a Conveyancer or Solicitor on behalf of a TA.

What type of A&I form is required from a TA?

A Public Corporate A&I form.

Who in the TA needs to sign the A&I form?

The council officer who would have signed the paper instrument (Authorised Signatories).

What instruments need an A&I form?

An A&I form needs to be completed for certain electronic instruments. In general terms these instruments include:

  • Any instruments under the Land Transfer Act 1952
  • An instrument making changes to the Certificate of Title
  • Changes to reserve status of land
  • Easements
  • Consents
  • Building Act - hazards
  • Release 3.1 e-capable instruments

How can TA staff know that the conveyancer or solicitor has completed the registration?

TA staff should request the conveyancer/solicitor to either supply a copy of the title following registration e.g. a Post Registration Search (PRS), or other evidence that the change has been completed.