Before signing up

Landonline's Territorial Authority (TA) e-certification application allows TAs to certify cadastral survey plans online. This is an integral part of the cadastral survey process. When your TA is ready to get started with TA e-certification, there are several key steps that need to be followed.

Surveyors lodge their plans in Landonline and TAs can then go online, retrieve the plans and sign the relevant Resource Management Act (RMA) certificates. This completes the end-to-end electronic process and provides significant time savings for both TAs and surveyors.

Steps to becoming enabled

Steps What a TA needs to do
1. Decide to use TA e-certification
  • Notify LINZ that your TA wishes to be enabled to use Landonline TA e-certification, by emailing your contact details to: with 'Enable TA e-certification' in the subject line
  • Note: Your TA already has a TA e-certification account name and code set up in Landonline. We will advise your account name and code for you to use when adding the Trusted Contact (Step 2) and adding individuals (Step 3).
2. Decide who does what
  • Your TA will need to add an individual who will be the Trusted Contact through the set up process. This individual will normally add the information required to set up your user access type, check company details and add other individuals
  • To add the Trusted Contact for your organisation:
    • Fill out the Add individual form (note: you can add one individual per form)
    • At the section in the web form titled 'Landonline Usage Details' select 'Trusted Contact': if this person will use Landonline, you will need to select a user access type and other user options as well
  • Please note:
    At the completion of the Add individual form, the website will generate a number of pre-populated documents including contracts and Proof of identity forms, which need to be completed and emailed to so we can complete the process.
3. Add individual users
  • To add individual users, fill out the Add individual form, and follow the on-screen instructions. You will be asked for the user's 'Landonline Relationship'
    • If the user has a Digital Certificate, or if they have had one in the past, check 'yes'. You will then be asked if the Digital Certificate is valid
    • If the user has NOT held a Digital Certificate, nor had one in the past, click 'no'
  • You will be asked:
    • For the individual's 'Landonline Usage Details' - for user access type select 'TA Online Certification'
    • For the individual's 'Role' - all individuals, with the possible exception of the Trusted Contact, will include Landonline user. Select this and other roles by holding the control key and clicking the appropriate options, from the drop down menu.
4. Download Landonline software
  • Now you need to download the software onto the computer/s your TA will use to access Landonline. You can install the software yourself or your IT staff can complete the process as appropriate
  • Please note that the Landonline software components must be downloaded and installed in the order in which they are presented on the Software downloads and installation instructions page.
5. Set up Digital Certificates (DCs)
  • The DC Loader Wizard makes downloading and installing DCs much simpler and faster. You can use the wizard to:
    • Load and install a DC for the first time
    • Reload a DC
    • Complete your annual renewal process
    • Transfer your DC from one computer to another
  • We recommend that you download and install your DC during Customer Support hours, so the Digital Certificate support staff can provide immediate assistance or guidance if you have any problems.
  • For more information and to start the process, see Digital Certificate Instructions.
6. Assign privileges
  • When you have the initial individuals in the system you can Assign Privileges to them. Your organisation needs to decide to whom it will delegate authority to sign the online certificates
  • All users linked to a TA e-certification licence have all the associated privileges except system administrator allocated to them. If you do not wish an individual to have the certify and sign privilege you will need to remove it from their list
  • All the instructions you need to assign and remove privileges can be found in the TA e-certification User Guide.
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