Glentanner Station

The maps, surveys, titles and land records that ensure the accuracy of New Zealand’s property rights.

‘The power of where’ begins with land. Much of daily life relies on knowing where things are and how they relate to one another.

Topographic data, or maps, show the physical features of land – critical information for emergency response, defence planning and land management. The ‘cadastre’, the official collection of land records, captures property boundaries, telling us where pieces of land start and end. Such a national record of physical features is critical in helping us understand our country and its assets, and for supporting economic development.

The register of titles, the official collection of land title holdings, is the basis of our title system, maintaining an up-to-date record of legal ownership of land in New Zealand. A vital part of buying, selling, developing and trading land, this work involves capturing new titles and recording changes of ownership and interests in land – like mortgages.

For ease of access, we hold this information electronically. Through Landonline, our transaction centre, property professionals can readily search, create, lodge and update title dealings and survey data – all in real time, online.

Together, these elements form the backbone of one of the world’s most efficient and robust property rights system. It’s so certain, it’s even Government guaranteed.