Our kaupapa

Our kaupapa brings together the whakataukī that inspires us, and our purpose, values and outcomes, showing how we make a difference for New Zealand.

The whakataukī that inspires us

Our te ao Māori view that underpins our purpose, reflecting the interconnectedness and inter-relationship of all living and non-living things, is:

Whatungarongaro te tangata toitū te whenua. 
People come and go but land remains.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to understand, develop and care for whenua, moana and arawai.

  • Understand – the deep knowledge and continual learning that is essential to what we do.
  • Develop – enabling resources to be used carefully and sustainably in ways that support the wellbeing of our people, whānau and communities.
  • Care – our responsibility to look after those resources so that they are present and healthy for our children and future generations.

Our values

Living our values helps us to bring to life this whakataukī and purpose:

  • Bold Māia
    I am curious and courageous. I take personal responsibility to be positive and strive to be better.
  • Expert Matatau
    I am passionate about reaching my potential. I keep an open mind and share my knowledge. I am outward-looking, innovative and flexible.
  • Stronger Together Whakapipiri
    I make connections to strengthen my work. I communicate effectively. I care and manaaki influences the way I work. I respect and value diversity.

Our outcomes

Our framework of outcomes and priorities sharpen our focus on the things that matter most for New Zealand, and guide where we put our effort and resources.

  • We are a respected and honourable Treaty partner with strong and enduring relationships.
    - Commitments, including Treaty settlement commitments, are honoured, helping enable wellbeing outcomes for iwi and Māori.
    - Enduring relationships with iwi and Māori are established and maintained.
  • The geographic and property information we provide is trustworthy and reliable, freely available and well used.
    - Reliable geographic and property information is collected, curated and made accessible.
  • We are a trusted regulator, delivering fair and transparent regulatory systems.
    - The system of property rights and information is easy to use, available and effective.
    - The overseas investment regime operates effectively.
  • The Crown estate we are responsible for is well managed, understood, cared for and enhanced for existing and future generations.
    Crown assets are effectively and sustainably managed, maintained and remediated.