When you’ve prepared your instruments, completed Authority & Instruction forms and obtained any necessary consents, you’ll need to certify and sign your instruments.

The first thing you need to do is make sure you have the right privileges in Landonline. (Your System Manager will need to adjust your privileges if they're not correct).

Before certifying and signing, you must check the details displayed on the signing screen for each instrument are correct.

If you’re not available to certify and sign, someone else in your firm can do it. They will need to:

  • have their own digital certificate
  • be assigned appropriate pivileges by your firm
  • have been enabled as the Conveyancing Professional (CP) for the dealing – this will allow them to view the transaction under your name in the ‘All Work’ folder in workspace.

The person certifying needs to be satisfied and have evidence that all steps have been completed, for example a client’s identity verified.

In multi-party dealings, a message is sent to the other party in the dealing once certification is completed for each multi-party instrument. In single-party instruments, there is not confirmation message after certification.

You may want to print at the certify stage for your firm’s records.

Go to the page linked below to see step-by-step how to certify and sign in Landonline.

Handy hints

  • If you’ve changed your password and you want to certify and sign instruments, you’ll need to log off and log on again with your new password.
  • If you expand the tree in workspace, you can see the status changes to each dealing and instrument by the change to the icon next to the instrument or dealing.
  • If you make a mistake preparing an instrument, click the Refresh or Restore  button to clear any pre-validation and signing then start again. Find out more about pre-validation on the page below.
  • If you can’t see your dealing, look in the Supervised Work and All Work folders. (Saved work only displays in the My Work folder in workspace for the Primary Contact who created the dealing.)
  • The Transfer instrument only changes to a status of Signed when both parties have signed.
Last Updated: 1 November 2021