What you need to know about the latest Landonline release or system update, and any known issues.

Landonline Release 3.23

Release date - Monday 23 November 2020

Most content in this release relates to standardisation of code, so will be unnoticeable to most users. This standardisation is preparatory work for an upcoming database migration that is required as part of rebuilding Landonline

Some small maintenance items have however been included, including:


  • Number of characters that can be entered for share value on CPP S7A OCTN has been increased
  • Titles Fast Track Request must include survey plan and dealing references/numbers


  • Fix for automated Schedule/Memorandums.  Was previously truncating the second line of a ‘Purpose’ when there was more than one page of entries under that purpose
  • Fix to the Mark and Vector Report. Bearing correction was not previously displayed.
  • Fix for missing Surveyors declaration after submittal of a dataset
  • Introduction of new appellation formatting for Unit plans 


  • Added ability to save fees report as a PDF
  • The ability for System Managers to disassociate users from their firm was causing some technical issues so the disassociate button has been removed To disassociate users from your account please use the ‘Remove Individuals' form.  

The following release notes document the changes made:

Last Updated: 22 November 2020