Landonline releases and system updates

What you need to know about the latest Landonline release or system update, and any known issues.

Landonline Release 3.16 (Updated 7 July 2017)

Changes for Titles customers

For Titles, the release includes some tidy up changes to the A&I form including:

  • the ability to add details on the nature and date of the base document from the A&I screen. This in turn flows through to the Preview
  • increased space for signatures
  • auto displaying names for more instrument types

There is also a change to the way street address searches are completed.

Another change relates to the tax statement edit screen where Q17 and 18 no longer display if a non-notifiable reason has been selected for Q15.

Changes for Survey customers

For Survey there is a new Automated Schedule/Memorandum of easements option which allows surveyors to take advantage of automated population to reduce the likelihood of errors which are known to be the subject of numerous requisitions.

Amendments have been made to the formatting of the:

  • header details of the Automated Survey Report and
  • the Comments in the Automated Survey Report

Surveyors are also able to:

  • edit their created TA certificates up until the point the TA certify and sign the packages (status = completed)
  • request a TA un-sign a package so that they can edit the certificates (if the CSD is still in their workspace)
  • notify more than 1 TA online
  • duplicate or similar certificates will not be allowed (reduces duplication and frustration when the dealing is registered)

Changes for Territorial Authority Users

A new function allows a TA user to un-sign a package if they are requested to do so. They can then edit the package and resign it.

Last Updated: 7 July 2017