What you need to know about the latest Landonline release or system update, and any known issues.

Changes to Landonline Spatial window

We are replacing the software that presents the “map” in the spatial window, to a more modern and supported platform. We’ve built and tested the new spatial window, and are now piloting it with a group of Surveyors to ensure it is fit for purpose.

What you use the spatial window for won’t change e.g. Searches, Survey capture and Plan Generation. However the way you use the spatial functions will change.

For more information see:
Landonline spatial services


Landonline Release 3.26

Release date - Monday 13 June 2022

Most content in this release relates to minor bug fixes, and the remainder are database changes to facilitate the modernisation of Landonline.

The following release notes document the changes made:


Last Updated: 10 June 2022