Landonline Web Search

Easier access to land records for registered Landonline customers using new Landonline.

A new way to search and order records

We’re making it easier for registered Landonline customers to search and order land records from any device, anywhere, through Web Search.

Records include property titles, instruments, and survey plans. Examples of an instrument can include:

  • transfer of a property from the current owners to new owners
  • mortgage — when a bank holds security over a property
  • easement — such as having a right of way for access.

How we’re doing it

Customers use their Landonline credentials to log-in to the Web Search tool.

From the Web Search landing page, they can search for land records by entering key information, for example Address, Title reference or Registered owner (of the property).


Web Search has a modern look and design, making it intuitive for customers to find the information they need.

Customers can:

  • access Web Search from any computer or mobile device — anywhere — with no need for a digital certificate (to authenticate their identity)
  • take advantage of the visual map view — including aerial imagery — to help find the right information.

They can also choose how they’d like to receive the information, including:

  • PDF via email
  • view on-screen
  • download the records they need.

More functionality will be added over time.

Land Record Search (LRS)

Although it may sound similar, Landonline’s Land Record Search (LRS) is a separate product that’s available to people in New Zealand and most overseas countries to access a title, survey plan, or related product for a small fee, almost instantly.

You don’t have to be a registered Landonline customer to use LRS.

More information on Land Record Search