New Landonline – Dealings

New Landonline – Dealings is our new web-based dealings application where property lawyers and conveyancers can complete almost all sale and purchase and refinancing transactions end-to-end.

Dealing actions including certify & sign, release, and submit can be completed for almost all dealings. 

To certify & sign in the new application, relevant users will need the new two-year Digital Certificate.

This platform went live in November 2022, as part of the Modernising Landonline programme. 

Find out about Modernising Landonline.

How we’re doing it

Registered Landonline users can work on the same transaction in both Legacy and New Landonline.

More functionality and enhancements will continue to be added over time.

When all the functionality is fully transitioned, Legacy Landonline will be switched off.

Registered users can log into the new application below:  


The new application can be accessed from most devices (unless you’re certifying & signing).

Customers can:

  • quickly locate a dealing using a new filter on the landing page
  • check specific details more easily, eg, whether the Notice of Change of Ownership has been marked ‘Ready to send’
  • add information more easily
  • use a newly-created one-page version of the Land Transfer Tax Statement
  • use self-service help tools and provide feedback from within the new application.

Find out more

Find out more about the new application by checking out our ‘getting started’ self-service resources and videos.

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