Download or renew your two-year Digital Certificate

Toitū Te Whenua Land Information New Zealand has launched a new Digital Certificate (DC) loader for downloading two-year DCs, and a new version of Digisign which is compatible with both one-year and two-year DCs

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Download the software

Many firms have our DC Loader and Digisign available within their IT environment (for example, within their software centre). Check with your trusted contact before you download it.

DC loader - for all Landonline users

Note: DC Loader does not work on Windows 32 bit operating systems. If you have a 32 bit version of Windows installed you will need to upgrade to 64 bit or alternatively install and run DC Loader on a different device, then transfer your downloaded DC to your 32 bit environment.

Download DC Loader 3.1 (EXE 166MB v3.1.10 Oct 2022)

Digisign - only for users with certify/signing privileges 

Users with certify/signing privileges also need to download and install Digisign 3.1.

Download Digisign3.1 (EXE 6MB v3.1.012 November 2022)

Other information – DC Loader 3.1

Read the Landonline terms and conditions – Schedule 1 Digital Certificate user obligations.

Landonline terms and conditions

You will need your:

  • Landonline user ID, for example userid001
  • DC reference number (emailed to your Trusted Contact), for example 12345678, and
  • DC authorisation code (emailed to you), for example XXXX-XXXX-XXXX.

Note: If you are an existing customer with the older version of Digisign installed, you need to uninstall Digisign 2.0 before installing Digisign 3.1

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