Landonline Citrix security warnings

What to do if you get a Citrix pop-up security message when working in Landonline.

File Security Warning

If you encounter this message while using Landonline, select “Permit all access”

Citrix file security

If the message appears again:

  1. Login to Landonline and double click on the Citrix icon in your menu bar.
    Citrix icon menu bar
  2. The About Citrix Receiver window will appear.
    About Citrix Receiver window
  3. Click on 'Advanced' and then 'Connection Center'.
    About Citrix Receiver window - Advanced
  4. Check that Files security is set to Full Access.
    Citrix Connection Center -  Files security access
  5. Click on Close in the Citrix Connection Center window.
  6. Click on OK in the About Citrix Receiver window.

Request for permission to use a key

When logging into Landonline and after selecting your Digital Certificate, you may see the following window. You need to select “Grant permission”. This is part of the Digital Certificate security settings.

Key permission request