Keeping Digital certificates, passwords and passphrases secure

As a Digital Certificate holder, you are responsible for safeguarding your Landonline username and password, and your Digital Certificate (DC) and passphrase.


Digital Certificates, passphrases and passwords must not be shared.

Be mindful that your Digital Certificate is personal! One person – one certificate. 

This rule allows us to monitor system access and detect any unauthorised attempts to access the system.

Read your digital certificate obligations

Storing your DC

Digital Certificates may only be backed up for disaster recovery purposes - and your back-up should be stored securely to prevent loss or unauthorised use.

You may not have multiple copies of your Digital Certificate for any purpose or have your Digital Certificate installed on more than one computer.

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Check that your firm's IT environment is safe

Storing your passwords

All Landonline users are responsible for keeping passwords and passphrases confidential.

After setting up your password when you first log in, you'll be prompted to update your password every 90 days.

You'll select a passphrase when you set up your Digital Certificate. If you forget your passphrase, call customer support for help in resetting it.

We recommend that passwords and passphrases be stored in accordance with your firm's security policy.

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What should I avoid doing?

Be aware of common situations that are a breach of your obligations:

  • You knowingly share your DC passphrase with others, eg. temporary staff or other colleagues who do not have their own DC.
  • You have logged into Landonline and others are using your workspace and completing work for you.
  • You install your DC on to more than one computer.
  • Someone else downloads your reference and activation codes without you present.
  • Someone else tries to obtain either a reference code or activation code by implying they are the DC holder.
  • Someone else requests a password reset, which indicates that someone else has access to your DC.
  • You give your passphrase to your IT person or let them set it for you.
  • The Trusted Contact rings the 0800 number and asks for the activation code for the DC holder.

What happens when there has been a breach?

If a breach of the Landonline Terms and Conditions is suspected, your Landonline access will be suspended while an investigation is completed. You will not be able to access Landonline during this time. 

If the breach is confirmed we will be in touch with further instructions. 

In most instances reinstatement will require written acknowledgement of the breach and an assurance of future compliance. 

Please note reinstatement is not guaranteed.

What should I do if I think someone else has my password?

If you think your password or passphrase security has been compromised and you no longer have access to Landonline, contact our customer support team on 0800 665 463.