New Landonline – Survey

New Landonline – Survey is our new web-based application where surveyors can complete capture functionality.

This new application is now available, following an 18-month pilot.

How we’re doing it

Users will be able to capture survey data sets in the new application but will need to revert to Legacy Landonline to complete the two remaining steps:

  • generate plans 
  • sign and submit a survey.

More functionality and enhancements will continue to be added over time.

Our focus this year is to bring users onto the new application and to have you use the New Landonline functionality as it’s available.

Our aim is to complete migration to New Landonline (for capture) in late 2023.

Completing the migration will enable us to focus on enhancements in the new application.

Registered users can log into the new application below:


The new application has a modern look and feel, is intuitive and easy to use. It’s also easier for you to add and edit data.

The way you enter information remains the same, but the process is more efficient.

Find out more

Find out more about the new application:

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