Changes for lawyers and conveyancers as part of Landonline Release 3.20

Change to printer options when printing from the Spatial Window


Please note that if printing a map from the Spatial Window, paper ‘Orientation’ is no longer editable, but can still be changed via the Printer Setup button.


For details refer to ‘Landonline Change technology for Map Printing’ in the Survey Release notes.

Ability to retain an attached image in Colour



Currently all images attached in Landonline are converted to B&W TIF. However there can be issues with image quality if the original of the document being attached was PDF.


When attaching an image to an instrument, one option is to attach a PDF which is currently converted to a black & white tif. At times this causes issues with image quality and does not cater for coloured images.

This enhancement will provide workspace users with additional options when uploading PDF’s with the intention of making it easier for a legible image to be attached, including the ability to include colour.

There are two parts to this:

  1. A new ‘view image’ option in the ‘attach image’ screen. This will enable users to view what they are attaching before they click out of this screen.
  2. Additional Options for the format PDF’s will be converted to:
    1. B&W TIF (same as current)
    2. Greyscale TIF (Approx 2x the B&W TIF size)
    3. Full Colour TIF (Approx 4x the B&W TIF size)

It defaults to the current Black and White but you can now check the image quality by clicking the View Image button on this same window.

If the image quality is not acceptable, select Greyscale or Colour and click ‘Attach’. This will result in the image being replaced with an improved quality of image if required.

We recommend continuing to use Black and White which in most instances will provide a suitable quality but the other options are available if need be. However note, the image size increases with each of the other 2 options.

Users may notice slower opening of files uploaded as full colour TIFs due to the increased TIF size but this enhancement aims to reduce issues with image quality for some instruments. Note the existing file size limit of 10mb per attachment will remain in place.

A&I Form Changes Requested by the RGL



An update has been made to the A&I forms in Landonline as requested by the RGL Group.


We have made changes to the Landonline-generated A&I forms to align them with the changes that were made to the A&I form templates that have been available on our website since the LTA took effect late last year.

The changes are to Sections 3 (to incorporate high risk guidance), 5 (to show the broader range of ID types, Safe Harbour and Equally Effective Means) and the Notes to the Form.  A new section has been added to the screen regarding high risk transactions. It defaults to “No” with an editable field to enter the relevant number of years.



If yes is ticked, the text below changes and the editable years field does not display.



The change only applies to Private Individual(s) and Private Corporate forms.

New business rule required for ‘Wakatu’ titles to force step down of dealings



Transfers of some leasehold interests subject to Schedule 1 of the Maori Reserved Land Amendment Act 1997 (the Act) were being registered in breach of restrictions contained in that Act i.e. neither the lessor consent had been sought, nor their right of first refusal given.


A new business rule (T203) has been created to run at submit and check for the ‘Wakatu’ memorial on the affected record(s) of title at the time of Submit. If a ‘Wakatu’ memorial is found it will step the dealing down to Lodge if it is not stepping down anyway. This will also display if a relevant instrument over an affected record of title is pre-validated.

Last Updated: 13 July 2019