Changes for lawyers and conveyancers as part of Landonline Release 3.22B

Auto Registration of Certain Caveats

LOLCM-637, LOLCM-1970, LOLCM-2056, LOLCM-2111

This covers business rule updates which enable some Caveats to be auto-registered.


From the 10th August 2020, caveats that are based on an Agreement to Mortgage or Agreement for Sale and Purchase, provided they pass other business rules, will no longer step down to Lodge and will instead be registered automatically.

The Prepare Caveat screen was updated last year in the 3.21 Landonline release to prepare for this functionality. More information about this functionality and how to complete the updated Prepare Caveat screen will be available after the release at:

C2.4 Prepare a caveat, and

Caveat preparation changes.

Update to password re-use rules


This covers a change made to password rules


Users will now be prevented from using their previous 24 passwords when a password reset is required.

New message at signing when Digisign also not reinstalled


A new message to provide more clarity for signing users who have reinstalled citrix without also reinstalling digisign.


If Citrix is updated without subsequently reinstalling digisign until now users will have seen message 3 (invalid username or password) when they next attempt to sign. 

This message does not reflect the actual issue and a new message (9519) has now replaced it in this scenario.

Digisign message
Last Updated: 7 August 2020