Changes for surveyors as part of Landonline release 3.17


Mount Eden 1949 Easement Plan References Importing Into Wrong Location

LINZ Ref: LOLCM-52 (Internal and External)

Description: Incorrectly positioned Plan Reference labels have been identified in the database.  These have been related to LandXML imports where the plan is an Easement only plan in the Meridional Circuit of Mount Eden 1949.
Instead of the Plan Reference label point being displayed next to the new easement survey work, it is found to be displaying outside the 12 mile limit of the NZ coast line.


The Plan Reference label point will now correctly display for Easement only plans imported into Landonline where the Meridional Circuit is Mount Eden 1949

Distance Column in Mark and Vector Report is empty When Saved from the Tree

LINZ Ref: LOLCM-686 (Internal and External)

Description: When viewing the Mark and Vector Report from the Searches Tree all bearing and distances are displayed. 
However if the Mark and Vector Report is Saved whilst open from the tree, sometimes the distance column is not populated.


The distance column remains populated with data

Display of Y024 is not Formatted Correctly in the  Prevalidation Report

LINZ Ref: LOLCM-731 (Internal and External)

Description: There are two ways of viewing the Prevalidation Report - 

  • via Plain Text Format (the original view)
  • via HTML (the latest view)

In both views, if the Y024 is reported with failures and the ‘Survey Mark’ column has details that are longer than the available field, then the system was creating an extra column and adding the end of the details from the survey mark into that new column – see screenshot below:

Error due to Survey Mark details being too long for column (screenshot)


The full text is displayed in the ‘Survey Mark’ column of Y024:

  • In the HTML version:
    Full text showing within column in HTML version (screenshot)
  • In the Plain Text Format version:

    Full text showing within column in Plain Text version (screenshot)

Allow for Class to be Added as a Column in the CSC_S04 Capture Vector screen

LINZ Ref: LOLCM-794 (Internal and External)

Description: A ‘Class’ is attributed to a Vector at time of capture, but is only viewable in the CSC_S04 Capture Vector screen and cannot be viewed anywhere else. 

The Class should also be made viewable on the Mark and Vector report to allow end users to quickly retrieve information.


In Workspace (Surveyor):

Vector Capture:

  • New column ‘Survey Class’ has been added to the CSV_S04 Vector Capture screen
  • The ‘Survey Class’ column is read mode only
  • If the Layer = ‘Nbdy’ the Survey Class will display ‘None’
    'Vector Capture' interface showing Survey Class column (screenshot)
  • The Class field in the ‘Vector Details’ group box is still the mandatory field to enter the appropriate Class:
    Survey Class menu (screenshot)

Plan Generation:

  • Once Plan Generation has been run, the Mark and Vector report in the CSD Plan image displays the Class against vectors that were captured with a Survey Class.
  • Non Boundary vectors will not display a Survey Class.  The field remains blank for this CSD.
    Survey Class column in the Markand Vector report (screenshot)

In Desktop (LINZ):


  • Add the Survey to the Searches Tree
  • Open the CSD Plan image from the Searches Tree
  • In the CSD Plan, the Mark and Vector Report displays the Class against vectors that were captured with a Survey Class. 
  • Non Boundary vectors will not display a Survey Class.  The field remains blank for this CSD:
    Desktop version of the Mark and Vector report showing Survey Class column (screenshot)
  • Open the Supporting Documents folder, the Mark and Vector Report displays the Class against vectors that were captured with a Survey Class. 
  • Non Boundary vectors will not display a Survey Class.  The field remains blank for this CSD.
    Survey class in Mark and Vector report (screenshot)
  • Open the Marks and Vector leaf in the Searches Tree, the Mark and Vector report displays the Class against vectors that were captured with a Survey Class. 
  • Non Boundary vectors will not display a Survey Class.  The field remains blank for this CSD.
    Survey class in Mark and Vector report (screenshot)

Authorise Survey (LINZ):

  • When the Validator or Approving Surveyor ‘Perform’ a job from their in-tray, and select ‘View Survey’ the new Class field will be displayed when the Vector Capture screen is opened
  • Non Boundary vectors will not display a Survey Class.  The field remains blank for this CSD
    Vector Capture interface showing Survey Class column (screenshot)


Allow Formatting of Characters when in the Edit Requisition Screen

LINZ Ref: LOLCM-796 (Internal and External )

Description: Currently when comments are added at Validation to a Requisition item, it has to be entered as a continuous line of text.  Where there are lots of points raised in the requisition, it is difficult to read and distinguish each new item.  The Requisition Notice also becomes difficult to read as the formatting is the same.

In Desktop – LINZ

From the Requisition Tab in the CAS_S02 – Authorise Cadastral Checklist screen

  • Select a Requisition item
  • Select ‘Edit’ button to open the CCS_S01a Edit Requisition Details

In the comments field begin typing.  To add a new line or requisition item follow the steps below:

  • Select ‘Ctrl | Enter’ keys to start a new line of text
  • Select ‘Ctrl | Enter’ keys twice to create a space between separate comments
  • Letters and numbers or a combination of both followed by a bracket  can be used e.g. a), i), 1a) 
    'Edit Requisition Details' interface (screenshot)

Once all comments have been added, select OK and close the Edit Requisition Details screen.

If the added comments need to be amended, re-open the CCS_S01a Edit Requisition Details screen and edit the text or spaces between the lines.

All requisition items will display in the Requisition Notice exactly as they were entered in by LINZ in the Edit Requisition screen


In Workspace - Surveyor

Requisition notices will be clearer to read.

Each requisition item will be shown clearly in the ‘Additional Comments’ field of the Requisition Notice

Additional Comments view in Workspace (screenshot)


Height Limit Functionality in the Schedule/Memorandum Tab

LINZ Ref: LOLCM-830 (Internal and External)

Description: When the Schedule/Memorandum functionality was released in 3.16, Height Limits

were not included. 

Height limits have now been built into this latest release to allow users to add Lower and Upper height limits against easements should they require that information


  • The Height Limits checkbox is visible for all tables except Amalgamation and
  • The checkbox is un-ticked by default
    Height Limits checkbox (screenshot)
  • When the Height Limits checkbox is ticked, the Lower and Upper Fields become visible
  • A valid number can be a negative or a positive
    Lower field for Height Limits (screenshot)
  • Values entered will appear as a new column in the Preview window after the ‘Insert Line’ has been selected
    Height Limits showing in Preview window (screenshot)
  • If the Height Limits box is un-ticked, the Lower and Upper limit values are cleared for the current line; the height fields are hidden
  • If the lower height limit is greater than or equal to the upper height limit, then the following message will appear when you try to insert your line:
    Error message 15846 in the Manage Survey Transaction interface (screenshot)
  • Edit the height values accordingly then insert the line
  • The lower and upper height limit fields can accept up to 5 digits and 2 decimal places
    Upper height limit field (screenshot)
  • Once you have attached your Schedule/Memorandum, go into your Supporting Documents Tab, select the document and view the schedule.  Height data displays as a new column in the document
    Height limits showing in Preview window (screenshot)


The following buttons in the Schedule/Memorandum tab are an important reminder to ensure you have saved your data and attached the schedule to the plan:

Save, Attach, Export, Print and Copy to Clipboard buttons (screenshot)
  • Select the ‘Save’ button to ensure you save the entered data
  • Ensure you select the ‘Attach’ button, this will attach your Schedule/Memorandum as a supporting document in your dataset
  • If a manually attached Schedule/Memorandum already exists in the ‘Supporting Documents’ tab and you fill out the new automated ‘Schedule/Memorandum’ tab and select ‘Attach’, you will get the following message:
    Error message 125843 in Manage Survey Transactions interface (screenshot)
  • Select No – the new automated schedule/memorandum will not be attached
  • Select Yes – this will attach this new Schedule/Memorandum as a separate supporting
  • In the Supporting Documents tab, you will see two Schedule/Memorandums attached
  • The manually attached and system attached Schedule/Memorandums can be easily identified by looking at the ‘File Name’ column and ‘Comment’ column
  • The manually attached document is indicated by a file path name in the ‘File Name’ column
  • The system attached document is indicated in the ‘Comment’ column with the words “System attached schedule/memorandum”
    File Name and Comment columns (screenshot)
  • A ‘system attached’ Schedule/Memorandum DOES NOT over-write a manually attached schedule/memorandum document when you attach it to or submit the dataset
  • A new ‘system attached’ Schedule/Memorandum WILL over-write an existing ‘system attached’ Schedule/Memorandum

If you do not wish to submit your dataset with two different Schedule/Memorandums then do the following:

  • In the Supporting Documents tab, select the ‘Add/Edit’ button
    'Support Documents' interface showing Add/Edit button (screenshot)
  • In the CRI_S24 – Record Supporting Documents screen select the Schedule/Memorandum you wish to delete (either the manually attached or system attached document)
  • Select the ‘Delete’ button
  • Select ‘Ok’ to close the screen
    Record Supporting Documents interface showing Delete (screenshot)

Rename Schedule/Memorandum Functionality

LINZ Ref: LOLCM-848 (External)

Description: In the Automated Schedule/Memorandum Tab, if a user has populated a schedule table and then decides to change the table name using the Rename Table functionality, some fields may become blank and in some cases the user is unable to proceed.


  • If a table has been populated and saved, the ‘Rename’ button is greyed out:
    Preview window showing Rename button as unavailable (screenshot)
  • Clicking on any table row in the Preview section enables the Rename button

    Preview screen showing Rename button as available (screenshot)

  • When the user clicks on the Rename button, the system does a silent save (to commit pending changes before allowing a rename) and then displays the warning message “Renaming the selected table may result in blank values if the columns are different. Proceed to rename the table?” with Yes and No buttons
  • Error message 15848 showing in Manage Survey Transactions interface (screenshot)
  • Should the user decide to proceed with the rename after getting the above message, the CSL_S02c Rename Schedule/Memorandum window will appear
    Rename Schedule/Memorandum interface showing Schedule/Memorandum Type dropdown menu (screenshot)
  • In the CSL_S02c screen, the user can select the new table name from the drop down list
  • Once a new table name is selected user can either accept or cancel this action:
    1. Select ‘OK’ to make the change, or
    2. Select ‘Cancel’ to stop the rename
  • After renaming a table, the ‘Rename’ button becomes ‘’Undo Rename’
    'Undo Rename' and Save buttons in Preview window (screenshot)
  • If the user does not want to save this newly renamed table they can select the‘Undo Rename’ button immediately BEFORE selecting the ‘Save’ button
  • If the user wants to save this newly named table, then any blank fields on the new table must be populated BEFORE selecting the ‘Save’ button
    NOTE:  The system will not allow saving if there are blank values in a table
  • When a user selects the ‘Save’ button, the table name changes cannot be undone and the ‘Undo Rename’ button becomes ‘Rename’ again
  • To change the table name after ‘Save’ is selected you have to repeat the process of renaming all over again

Find Work/Request via ‘Search’ TA Cert in Workspace Throws an Error

LINZ Ref: LOLCM-869 (External Surveyors and Territorial Authority)

Description: There are two ways to ‘Find Work/Request’ for Surveyors and Territorial Authority users in Landonline Workspace.

1. Search by ‘Find Work/Request’ icon - (this works without issue):

'Find Work/Request' icon

Then select one of the three radio buttons:

  • Survey Work
  • Request
  • Request Manual Copy
    'Find Work/Request' interface (screenshot)

2. Search by ‘Survey’|’TA Certificate’ (error occurs):

  • Select ‘Survey’ at the top of the menu bar
  • Select ‘TA Certificate’
    'TA Certificate' selected in Landonline Workspace (screenshot)
  • Select ‘Search’ in the CSL_S07 TA Certification window
  • Select ‘Request’ radio button
'Find Work/Request' interface

The following message would be returned and throw the user out of Landonline

Error message in 'Find Work/Request' interface



The second option has now been fixed and error message 9005 no longer appears.  Users are able to proceed without issue.


Prevalidation Rule C505 is Reporting a False Failure

LINZ Ref: LOLCM-879 (Internal and External)

Description: In Prevalidation rule C505 is reporting a false failure when a schedule/memorandum is attached as a supporting document even when no 223E certificate is created



The C505 runs a check to ensure that if a 223E certificate has been created, that a Schedule/Memorandum has also been attached (either a manually attached or system attached Schedule/Memorandum).

Where a 223E certificate has been created but a Schedule/Memorandum has not been attached the C505 rule will report the following:

Warning - There is a 223E Territorial Authority certificate but a Memorandum of Easements/Easements in Gross has not been created

To satisfy this rule, ensure a Schedule/Memorandum is attached


lol_workspace.exe message in Plan Generation / Layout Sheets

LINZ Ref: LOLCM-880 (External Only)

Description: Users are being thrown out of Landonline Layout Sheets when carrying out the following steps:

  • Add a line – double click on screen to finish the line
  • Select the added line
  • Right click and select ‘Delete’
  • Select the ‘Undo’ icon
  • Add another line

At this point the following error message appears:

Error message 'lol_workspace.exe has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Please close the program.'

Users have to close the program and upon doing so, are thrown out of Landonline.


How to avoid the lol_workspace.exe from appearing when working with user added lines:

Error message 'lol_workspace.exe has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Please close the program.'
  • Avoid Deleting or Cutting a line then selecting the Undo button – this is what will cause the above error

If you happen to Delete a line, then select the Undo button (the deleted line will not reappear).   Please ensure that you select ‘Ctrl S’ to save.  Upon saving the following messages will appear:

Error message 100391 - Violation of mandatory field constraint (screenshot)


  • Select OK to message 100391 then the next message appears:
    Error message 47 - an error occurred while saving layout data. Contact the Solutions Team (screenshot)
  • Select OK to message 47 then the next message appears:
     coordinate id out of range (screenshot)
  • Select OK to the second Message 47.  Plan Gen Layout Sheets will close down but the user will not be thrown out of Landonline.

  • Re-open Plan Generation and continue working on your layout sheets.


Vertical Scroll Bar Enabled in the ‘Creating Document Reference’ Field in the Automated Schedule/Memorandum Tab

LINZ Ref: LOLCM-916 (External Only)

Description: In the Automated Schedule/Memorandum tab in workspace, if there are more than 6 Current Interests in the Creating Document Reference field, it would appear not all Current Interests would show as listed.

To view all the Current Interests in this field you have to use the Up or Down arrow keys on the keyboard before selecting any that are listed when you choose the drop down as there is no scroll bar for this action.



A vertical scroll bar is enabled when you click on the drop down arrow.  Now click on the bar and move it up and down to view all the Current Interests listed.

Creating Document Reference menu (screenshot)

NOTE: If the required document is not listed, go back to the Survey Header screen and ensure that you have added all the correct ‘Comprised in References’ for your survey


Class Captured Against Water/Irregular Boundaries not Showing in Automated Survey Report

LINZ Ref: LOLCM-961 (Internal and External)

Description: If the Class captured in the Edit Layer Details of a Water/Irregular boundary is different to the main class of the Survey, it has been noted that this class is not being brought through to Section B of the Automated Survey Report

Workspace | Capture

  • Open the spatial window in Capture
  • Select the irregular line captured
  • Right Click mouse | Select Edit
  • CSC_S05 Line Layer window opens up:
    Line layer interface (screenshot)
  • Fill out the appropriate fields e.g. Layer, Class etc
  • If the Class entered in this field is different to that of the main survey then more than one Class will now populate in Section B in the Automated Survey Report:
    Classes of Boundaries highlighted in interface (screenshot)
  • The Survey Report submitted to LINZ will now reflect the multi Classes captured:
    Classes of Boundaries showing in Survey Report (screenshot)

Power Builder Message Appears when Selecting a Parcel from the ‘Shown’ Drop Down menu in the Online Schedule/Memorandum Tab

LINZ Ref: LOLCM-1022 (External Only)

Description: A Power Builder message would appear when users select a parcel from the ‘Shown’ drop down menu in the online Schedule/Memorandum tab.

Specify Filter interface (screenshot)

The reason this Power Builder message appears is due to incorrectly captured new parcels being selected in the ‘Shown’ drop down menu.

Sometimes new parcels are incorrectly captured in 3rd party software by adding the Plan Reference to the parcel name – e.g. ‘ Lot 1 Deposited Plan 404987’ instead of ‘Lot 1’

In Capture this parcel appears correct in the Parcel List but when the Parcel is selected and edited it looks like this:

Appellation Format and Appellation details in Parcel Details interface (screenshot)

When you try to create your online Schedule/Memorandum, the ‘Shown’ drop down list will not display this parcel:

Shown dropdown highlighted in interface (screenshot)

The ‘Servient’ and ‘Dominant’ tenements will not display this new parcel either:

Servient Tenement field in interface (screenshot)
Dominant Tenement field in interface (screenshot)


When creating New parcels in 3rd party software, ensure the new Parcel name only contains Lot 1, or Sec 2 or Area A etc.  Do not add the plan reference to the parcel name:

Correctly entered new appellation:

" src="//" style="width: 908px; height: 71px;">

When the XML file is imported with the correct  parcel format captured, the parcel will then map into the Landonline tables correctly:

Appellation Format and details highlighted in Parcel Details interface (screenshot)

When creating the online Schedule/Memorandum – all created parcels will display in the drop down menus for ‘Shown’, ‘Servient’ and ‘Dominant’ tenements

Parcels showing in Show, Servient Tenement and Dominant Tenement fields (screenshot)



Last Updated: 16 April 2018