Release notes for territorial authorities

Changes for Territorial Authorities as part of Landonline Release 3.17

Find Work/Request via ‘Search’ TA Cert in Workspace Throws an Error

LINZ Ref: LOLCM-869 (External Surveyors and Territorial Authority)
Description: There are two ways to ‘Find Work/Request’ for Surveyors and Territorial Authority users in Landonline Workspace.

  1. Search by ‘Find Work/Request’ icon - (this works without issue):

    'Find Work/Request' icon

    Then select one of the three radio buttons:

    • Survey Work
    • Request
    • Request Manual Copy


    'Find Work/Request' interface (screenshot)


  2. Search by ‘Survey’|’TA Certificate’ (error occurs):

    • Select ‘Survey’ at the top of the menu bar
    • Select ‘TA Certificate’ 


      'TA Certificate' selected in the Survey menu (screenshot)
    • Select ‘Search’ in the CSL_S07 TA Certification window
    • Select ‘Request’ radio button
      'Find Work Request' and 'TA Certification' interfaces (screenshot)

      The following message would be returned and throw the user out of Landonline:
      Error Message 9005 in 'Find Work/Request' interface (screenshot)



The second option has now been fixed and error message 9005 no longer appears. Users are able to proceed without issue.


SQL Error Encountered While Un-signing a TA Package

LINZ Ref: LOLCM-922 (External Territorial Authority Only)

Description: The un-signing code expects the ‘Package Name’ to be in the format ‘Package #’ i.e. Package 1, Package 2 and so on. 

When the package ‘Package 1’ is un-signed, it will be made historic and a new package will be created with the name ‘Package 2’ or the next available consecutive number in the TA certification group.  For example, if there were 3 packages, Package 1, Package 2 and Package 3, all signed and then Package 1 is un-signed, then Package 1 is made historic and a new package ‘Package 4’ is created

If a user re-names a package from say ‘Package 1’ to ‘223 Package’ and its signed, then upon trying to un-sign this package an SQL error appears and the Territorial Authority cannot un-sign the package.


When the Territorial Authority un-sign a package which does not have a default name format (e.g. ‘224 Certificate’, instead of ‘Package 1’, ‘Package 2’ etc), the un-signing process will now behave as expected and the package will be un-signed and re-named using the default name format.

  • In the following example,  two packages have been created, ‘Package 1’ and ‘224 Certificate’:

    'Un-sign' button in interface (screenshot)
  • The Territorial Authority select package ‘224 Certificate’ and un-sign it successfully 

  • The system will make the current ‘224 Certificate’ historic and move the job to the Unassigned Work queue:

    Alert message 29353 - certificate has been unsigned successfully  (screenshot)
  • The TA user will then assign the work to themselves to edit the certificates inside the package or re-sign the newly named package

  • When they open the work to certify and re-sign it, the package will be displayed with the new name – in this example it is renamed ‘Package 2’.  (The system looks for the next consecutive number in the TA Certification group using the default naming convention)

    Package showing new name in interface (screenshot)


Last Updated: 16 April 2018