Release notes for territorial authorities

Changes for territorial authorities as part of Landonline Release 3.16

Changes to Street Address and Road Name Searches

LINZ Ref: LOLCM-78 & 79 (Internal and External)
Description: There have been a number of improvements to street address and road searches.

Previously when searching a street address you needed to specify either the Land District or Territorial Authority to narrow the results down. The Street address search box now includes the Suburb and City in the drop-down, so the Land District and Territorial Authority fields are no longer required for these searches. The House Number search is then limited to the address numbers that are relevant for the road name selected. The Road Name search works in the same way.


The same applies to searching for a title using the Street Address Search (note that the selecting a Land District in the Title Search screen will not filter the Road Name dropdown in the Street Address Search box).

The way centrelines display spatially has also been changed. Previously the road centrelines layers displayed as below

The new layers display as:

The Road Centreline layer is the one that will be turned on by default, and replaces the old Road-Cur-Centreline layer. Other layers can turned on as required.

The display of the new Road Centreline layer is essentially the same as previously.

Territorial Authority Certification Changes

LINZ Ref: LOLCM-448 (Internal and External Surveyors and Territorial Authorities)
Description: This enhancement has developed the functionality primarily within the Territorial Authority Workspace to allow a signed package to be unsigned if it needs to be. It also introduces new functionality for Surveyors and Territorial Authorities when creating Certificates.

When a TA user assigns themselves a plan to certify and sign packages the ‘Sign ‘ button will display:

When the TA user certifies and signs all the packages for that survey, the survey leaves their Work folder and moves to the Completed folder:

The signed Territorial Certificate will attach as a Supporting Document to the Survey Plan

If the Surveyor adds the Legal Firm/Agent into the Survey Information tab when creating their dataset and BEFORE the Territorial Authority is notified, then the Solicitor will get notification of any Signed or Un-signed packages

When the TA user signs the package, a notice is sent to the Solicitor, Surveyor and TA user.They all get the following message (one for Solicitor and one for Surveyor etc):

When a certificate is signed by the TA user but the Surveyor tries to replace it or edit it in any way (including deleting it), the following message will appear:

If a package is signed by a TA user and then the Surveyor or TA user create a new package and add a certificate that already exists in this or another package, the following message will appear:

If a package is not signed and the Surveyor or TA user try to add a duplicate or similar certificate into the same package or a new package the following message will appear:

If the Surveyor or TA user attempt to add a group of certificates that are similar to each other then the following message will appear:

Once the package is signed the Sign button changes to Un-sign:

If a TA user tries to Un-sign a package before the certificate has completed (batch runs to generate the image) the following message will appear:

Click OK to the above message and wait for the batch to run to create the Certificate

When the TA user Un-signs a signed package the following steps are undertaken:

  1. Locate the work in the Completed Folder
  2. Open the work
  3. Select Un-sign
  4. Work will move from the Completed Folder to the Unassigned Folder

If the package that was un-signed was called Package 2 it will be renamed to Package 3

The Surveyor will receive a message when the TA user Un-signs a package in the following places in Workspace:

a. In My Messages folder the Messages Received list will display the message from the TA

b. In My Messages folder in the Details it will display the message:

When Packages are Un-signed by the TA user, both the TA user and surveyor will see these documents in their Supporting Documents tab of the plan in workspace but the Type will be renamed to ‘Superseded Document’ and have a Status of ‘Internal Only’

At this point the TA user and surveyor can view the document as a Supporting Document when the plan is open in their workspace.They cannot delete it.

The Superseded document will no longer be seen by anyone externally in Searches as it has a Status of ‘Internal Only’

Only LINZ will see these superseded documents in the tree at Searches for audit purposes as they are marked as Internal Only documents:

The Solicitor from the submitting willreceive a message in My Messages when the TA user Un-signs a package:

If a LINZ PRA-T has assigned the dealing to themselves and a TA user un-signs a package:

  1. LINZ PRA-T will be notified by email if a package is unsigned
  2. Titles QC will be notified by email (if dealing is Rejected, Requisitioned)
  3. The solicitor will be notified
  4. The Surveyor will be notified
  5. The Territorial Authority will be notified

When a TA user resigns a package the date time stamp updates to reflect the new date and time of the new signing:

NOTE: Packages cannot be un-signed once the status of the dealing is ‘Registered Pending QC’ or ‘Registered’

How to Manage Notifications (added 20/7/2017)

If you are a TA user but do not wish to receive email or online messaging notifications of when packages are signed and unsigned then you can update your notice preferences yourself doing the following steps:

In Workspace window:

  • Select Notices icon
  • ​Select Notice
  • Select Preferences
  • Scroll down to TA Certification Package Un-signed Notice
  • Untick Email and Online Message

Allow Users to Choose their Own Colour Setting For Selecting Spatial Objects

LINZ Ref: LOLCM-657 (Internal and External)
Description: Currently when you select spatial objects, like a parcel or plan reference label, in the Spatial window the result highlights Yellow in the Spatial window.  Now users can select their own preferred colour option before selecting the spatial object.

When the spatial window in Searches is open a new icon is displayed top left in the Menu bar:

When you click on this colour palate the colour chart opens:

Select your preferred colour and select OK to close this chart

Spatially select a parcel and it will now display in the colour you chose e.g. select Red as your colour then select a parcel spatially, that parcel will now display Red

Select a Plan Reference Label, it too will now display with a red indicator:

Turn on Cadastral Vectors, select a Cadastral Vector, it too will now display red:

The colour chosen to do your spatial selections with will remain that colour for that session you are in, or if you close out of Searches but not Landonline

If you log out of Landonline, the default colour of Yellow will display when you next log back into Landonline

This only works in Searches spatial window and other LINZ internal applications that utilise the spatial window.  It does not work in the Capture Spatial window for Internal or External users

Last Updated: 21 July 2017