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Lodge your old rules Cadastral Surveys 2010 before Christmas

If you have surveys prepared under the old survey rules - Rules for Cadastral Survey 2010 (RCS 2010) - it’s a good idea to lodge them before Christmas if you want to avoid delays for your clients. 

This must be done before 25 February 2022, but we encourage you to complete and lodge your RCS 2010 cadastral survey datasets (CSDs) before Christmas. If a RCS 2010 CSD is requisitioned and lodged after 25 February, it will need to be converted to be in accordance with the new Cadastral Survey Rules 2021 (CSR 2021).

We are expecting the number of lodgements as well as the timeframes needed for processing to increase because of the Christmas break, and the survey and title fee increases taking effect from 1 February 2022. 

The new Cadastral Survey Rules 2021 (CSR 2021) came into effect on 30 August 2021. Since then, the number of CSDs lodged in terms of the old RCS 2010 has only decreased slightly. 

CSR implementation stats

CSR 2021 implementation

Creating roads in subdivisions - covenants and easements

In October 2020, the Registrar-General of Land (RGL) advised that creating roads by transfer and dedication is not a permitted alternative to the vesting process under the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA). The Act requires the consent of everyone with a registered interest in the land.

The RGL has now confirmed his advice and you can read his notes on our website. These will also be published in the RGL’s regular column of the November issue of The Property Lawyer. 

LINZ will continue to consider case-by-case exceptions. Given the length of time since raising this issue, we expect the cases where it is impractical and unreasonable to follow the statutory vesting process will be increasingly rare. 

Creating roads in subdivisions – information for lawyers and conveyancers 
The Property Lawyer magazine

RGL guidelines: authority and identity, withholding information in the register

The Registrar-General of Land (RGL) has updated the Authority and Identity Requirements and Electronic Signing of Documents Interim Guideline 2020 – LINZ OP G01247.  

The RGL has also published a new Withholding Information in the Register Guideline 2021 – LINZ OP G 01256 and associated forms that include recommended application forms, 
supplementary statutory declaration and consent forms with guidance on who can take a statutory declaration.

Withholding Information in the Register Guideline 2021
Authority and Identity Requirements and Electronic Signing of Documents Interim Guideline 2020 - LINZ OP G01247

Notice of Change of Ownership - 24 councils and counting!

In August, we let you know we had 10 Territorial Authorities subscribed to receive Landonline’s Notice of Change of Ownership (NoC). Since then, we’ve onboarded a further 14:

North Island

  • Carterton District Council
  • Central Hawke’s Bay District Council
  • Far North District Council
  • Hastings District Council
  • Hutt City Council
  • Kaipara District Council
  • Stratford District Council
  • Whakatāne District Council

South Island

  • Ashburton District Council
  • Clutha District Council
  • Gore District Council
  • Nelson City Council
  • Tasman District Council
  • Timaru District Council

Conveyancers can create a NoC from a relevant instrument to automatically advise subscribed Territorial Authorities that the ownership on a title has changed upon registration of the dealing. Carrying out this process through Landonline has several benefits including improved data accuracy and reduced manual effort.

Map of councils onboarded under NoC
Map of councils onboarded under NoC

Using the NoC and full list of subscribed councils

E-search and e-dealing Landonline changes 

From 1 November 2021, as part of our modernising Landonline programme of work, we’ve added ‘plus’ functionality into Landonline’s ‘e-dealing’ and ‘e-search’. This means all of our e-search and e-dealing customers can conduct and view spatial searches of land information. We’ve also replaced the concept of a licence with the term ‘user access type’ to more accurately reflect why customers use Landonline, including the type of user access needed.

This follows the waiving of one-off licence fees for new Landonline accounts on 1 June 2021.

What’s changed

  • ‘E-search plus’ and ‘e-dealing plus’ will now display as ‘e-search’ and ‘e-dealing’ in the log in drop down options.
  • All of our ‘e-search’ and ‘e-dealing plus’ customers can conduct and view spatial searches of land information.
  • Account holders will no longer need to purchase specific Landonline licences, instead they select the access type they would like for an individual, such as e-search, e-dealing, e-survey or TA e-certification. 
  • The user’s default access type will display at the top of the drop-down options at log in.

What hasn’t changed?

  • The log in process remains the same. Landonline users will continue to use a Digital Certificate for authentication. 
  • Users can select or change their user type using the ‘Change Individual Details’ or ‘Add Individual’ forms on our website.

Landonline website and forms have been updated to reflect these changes. If you’d like more information, please contact our customer support team.

Modernising Landonline
Contact our customer support centre

Protect your Landonline access during cyber attacks

Cyber attacks are on the rise and over the past year we’ve noticed more attacks on businesses who work in the property sector, including law firms. 

It’s important to ensure business continuity, such as making sure your business can complete urgent transactions if you are the target of a cyber attack. You may want to have a trusted external Landonline user with certify and sign rights, such as your Power of Attorney, associated with your account in advance. There is no charge for this – simply apply for multiple account association for your nominated people.

If you suspect you are the victim of a cyber attack, you need to notify Toitū Te Whenua of the incident by contacting our customer support team so we can take action to ensure your Landonline access remains secure.

Cyber attacks and Landonline users
Contact our customer support centre

Landonline offline 20 November 

Landonline will not be available on Saturday 20 November 2021 to allow time for routine disaster recovery testing.

We’ll send our Landonline customers a reminder one week before the outage. Landonline will be available again at the normal start time of 6am on Monday 22 November 2021.

Heads-up for Christmas/New Year Landonline hours

Landonline, including Landonline Web Search and Land Record Search will not be available from 7pm Friday 24 December 2021 to 6am Wednesday 5 January 2022.

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