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Issue 183

In this edition:

Landonline availability extended 

From Monday 27 February, Landonline hours of availability on weekends will be extended. The new hours include public holidays (excluding Christmas and New Year) and will be:

Monday to Friday: 6am – 10pm
Saturday: 6am – 7pm
Sunday: 6am – 7pm

On Sundays, the full Landonline capability will be available – Legacy and New Landonline, Web Search and Land Record Search.

Hours for lodgement of title dealings are not changing, remaining as Monday to Friday: 7am – 7pm.

These changes are in response to customer requests and are another step towards an ultimate goal of making Landonline available 24/7 as part of our modernising Landonline programme.

Landonline not available to customers using unsupported Windows versions from 27 March 2023

Operating systems that are no longer under Microsoft’s extended support (Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and older operating systems) will not be able to connect to Landonline from 27 March 2023. 

We strongly encourage customers to use modern and secure software to ensure the integrity of New Zealand’s property system.

If you’re using Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or an older operating system, you’ll need to upgrade your system by 27 March 2023 to continue accessing Landonline.

Please carry out ongoing checks to ensure other locally installed software required by Legacy Landonline is current, including Citrix Workspace and DC Loader – both of which are frequently updated with security patches and bug fixes.

For signing users, the January 2023 release of Digisign addresses an intermittent signing issue: Software downloads | Landonline Guidance (

Find out more about Landonline software requirements on our website: Landonline software requirements | Landonline Guidance (

Find out which Windows Operation System version you have: Which version of Windows operating system am I running? - Microsoft Support.

If you need assistance to transfer your Digital Certificate from one device to another, please email

Protecting yourself from cyber attacks

Cyber attacks are becoming more common. We’ve developed information intended to help businesses using Landonline to protect themselves from attack, to take steps to ensure business continuity, and take appropriate action if attacked.

Find out more at: Cyber attacks and Landonline users | Landonline Guidance (

Notice of Change of Ownership – 59 of 67 councils now onboarded

Three councils have recently agreed to join our automated NoC service: Chatham Islands, Manawatū District Council and Palmerston North City Council.

Our goal is to have the remaining councils on board in the next few months.

Find out more on our website: Landonline – Notices.

Notice to Mortgagee service update

We’re pleased to announce Rabobank has joined the 13 other financial institutions using our Notice to Mortgagee service.

ANZ will be the next to join – we’ll let you know when this happens.

Find out more on our website: Notice to Mortgagee | Toitū Te Whenua - Land Information New Zealand (

New Landonline – Dealings: new functionality coming soon

We’re planning to release new features and enhancements in the new Dealings application next week, as requested by our customers.

Landing page enhancements:

  • improved sorting and filtering, including being able to search by title reference
  • additional quick filter buttons  to make it easier to locate requisitioned work and dealings 
  • ability to reorder dealing columns
  • in-progress work displayed in the ‘My Dealings’ tab for PCs or CPs
  • ‘Firm Dealings’ tab groups dealings by user in your firm
  • additional ‘Dealings Details’ panel, similar to ‘View Dealing Details’ in Legacy Landonline. This initially will not have a print function, so you’ll need to use other printing options.

Multi-CP certify and sign for a single role

You’ll be able to certify and sign instruments where there are two or more CPs acting for a single role – for example different CPs are acting for individuals who together comprise the transferor. 

You’ll still need to certify and sign instruments in Legacy Landonline when:

Help and support

When live, updated videos and step-by-step instructions will be available on the New Landonline – Dealings support pages.

Experiencing an issue? Our Production issues for new Landonline applications page lists all known issues and any workarounds, or call us at 0800 665 463 to speak with our customer support team.

Changes to Landonline invoices

From February, monthly Landonline invoices will change, with a new look and feel. Customers can now request their transactions lists in Excel or CSV formats for ease of tracking and reporting. The new invoices continue to combine Landonline activity, CRM and Clearances charges, along with itemised transactions lists. 

Contact if you would like to receive your monthly transactions in Excel or CSV format.

Guidance for surveyors on cross lease cadastral survey datasets

We’ve published new cadastral survey guidelines for cross lease CSDs

The new guidance aims to assist surveyors with first time compliance when dealing with cross lease developments. Sample datasets are included to illustrate various topics. Caution should be exercised in the use of the examples, particularly if they are not consistent with the CSR 2021 or guidance. 

Topics covered are:

  • What is a cross lease?
  • Key terms
  • Base land requirements
  • Standard cross lease
  • Staged cross lease
  • Cross lease update
  • Cross lease conversion
  • Adding or removing land
  • New easements and covenants
  • Cross lease plans in areas of ground movement
  • CSD requirements for cross lease plans
  • Capture requirements for cross lease plans.

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