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Issue 186

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Reminder: Customer Support Contact Centre – new hours from 15 May 2023

Our Customer Support Contact Centre hours are now 8am to 5pm (Monday to Friday).

This decision was based on analysis of caller data and customer feedback. We’ll continue to monitor call volumes and review support arrangements.

Call for workshop volunteers: transitioning to new Dealings application in early 2024

By early 2024, our aim is for all customers to successfully process simple and complex DTM instruments end-to-end without the need to revert to Legacy Landonline.

At that point access to parts of Legacy Landonline will no longer be available for dealings containing DTM instruments.

We’re still working through what this will look like and need your help to understand how this will impact the way you will work between New and Legacy Landonline on the same dealing.

We’re looking for volunteers to attend in-person customer impact workshops in either Wellington or Christchurch, or an online workshop in June. The time commitment is expected to be around 90 minutes.

If you’re keen to participate, please email your interest, including name, title, location to We’ll then contact you with more information.

Notice of Change update – 66 (of 67) councils onboarded

The following District Councils have now joined our automated service:

  • Manawatu
  • Rangitikei
  • Southland
  • Tararua.

We’re working with Dunedin City Council to onboard them as soon as possible.

Web Search: Product list update

Following the release of the ‘Product list’ last month, you can continue to order products by email using the following process:

  • add the item to the Product list
  • select your order option  
  • click the blue ‘order selected’ button.

Note: products can no longer be emailed directly from the Summary page.

New features

We’re introducing new features to expand the usability and functionality of the Product list.

  • Save time by selecting your order option when adding multiple search results to the Product list.
  • ‘My Recent Orders’ panel has been moved to the product list, as it aligns with the ordering process (such as ‘Add to list’, ‘Review cart’, ‘View ordered products’).
  • The list is now sorted into categories (such as Titles, Instruments, Surveys).

New functionality coming soon

We’ll add new functionality to the Product list over the coming months that will enable you to:

  • automatically save the list across sessions or days
  • clear your list
  • add, edit or delete multiple lists 
  • ‘Save as new list’ – you can save the contents of an active list as a new list
  • add or copy contents from one list to another.

Check out our What’s new in Search page for the latest information. 

Web Search: Requests ‘heads up’

From the end of May, customers will be able to access a ‘Requests’ dashboard in Web Search. This is where you can create and manage requests.

The Dashboard allows you to see your own and your firm’s requests in the one place, so if a colleague created a request for you, or is away sick, you’ll still be able to view the details. As well as ‘Draft’ and ‘Pending’ requests, you’ll now also be able to view ‘Completed’ requests.

You’ll be able to see text of the original request, along with the response you sent, providing better context to the response.

Please note: the comments field for Request for Fast Track has been turned off. This request is now automated, so comments are not required.

We’re also taking this opportunity to modernise the format of ‘Request attachments’ from TIFF to PDFs.

To access the ‘Requests’ dashboard in Web Search, click on the ‘nine dots’ icon in the top left-hand corner, then select ‘Requests’. This will be available from the end of May. You can also access the ‘Create request’ page directly from the menu on the right-hand side, bypassing the dashboard.

Requests screenshot

Notices transitioning to PDF format

From late May we’ll begin transitioning Legacy Landonline notices (such as eDealing Registration Confirmed) from the current RTF format to the more modern and widely used PDF format. 

By late June we expect most notices generated from Legacy or New Landonline will be in PDF format.

Have you upgraded to a two-year Digital Certificate yet?

Around 90% of Landonline users have migrated to two-year Digital Certificates (DCs). These are compatible with Legacy Landonline and New Landonline.

If you still have a one-year DC, we’ll send you codes this month to upgrade to a two-year DC. Note that codes are valid for 21 days from the date of issue.

To access a two-year DC you’ll need to download and install the new DC loader, in preparation for receiving your activation codes. If you have signing authority, you’ll also need to upgrade to Digisign 3.1. Find out more in our information sheets for Trusted Contacts and IT support

The upgrade is free. Our new annual subscription model for DC’s allows us to upgrade users at any time without cost and without affecting any existing billing cycle. 

If you only use Landonline Web Search, talk to your Trusted Contact about surrendering your DC. You can use the Change Individual Details form to change your type of access to ‘Web Search’.


Cadastral Survey Guidance – schedule and memorandum of easement

We’ve published new Cadastral Survey Guidelines on information included in a Schedule/Memorandum supporting document. Schedule/memorandum non-compliances consistently feature in the top 10 requisitions and are the most frequent cause of post-approval amendments to CSDs. The new guidance aims to assist surveyors with first time compliance. 

Topics covered include:

  • Purpose of Schedule/Memorandum supporting document
  • Accounting for existing easements
  • Appurtenant easements
  • Easement purpose
  • Amalgamation conditions
  • Approved CSD amendment

… and much more.

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