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Land registration, Landonline, Survey

Issue 189

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Survey capture

As we move closer to the November 2023 closure of Legacy Landonline survey capture, we strongly encourage you to use the New Landonline – Survey application if you haven’t already. New Landonline has everything you need for survey capture.

For help getting started with New Landonline see Transitioning to New Landonline - Survey

The information required for survey capture remains the same, but the process in New Landonline is easier, and you no longer need to log in via Citrix as it’s web based. 

You will continue to use Legacy Landonline to generate plans, submit and sign a survey, and use spatial search.

Survey webinars 

We are running a series of webinars in conjunction with Survey & Spatial in readiness for turning off Legacy survey capture. These webinars are free for Survey & Spatial members and cost $34.50 for non-members. 

  • 15 September 2023 – This webinar is designed to help you become familiar with New Landonline before Legacy survey capture is turned off in November 2023. It will cover all the basics you need to know to get started including preparing a subdivision with an easement. CPD points apply. Register here
  • 6 October 2023 – Join Nick Stillwell, Toitū Te Whenua Consulting Surveyor, who will dive into some of the more advanced functionality including how to deal with large rural subdivisions, class D boundaries, water boundary capture and exception requests. Recommended for those who are familiar with capture and/or have attended our basics webinar.  CPD points apply. Register here
  • 18 October 2023 – Jeremy Gutsell will dive into the capture of unit titles in New Landonline This session will include tips and hints learnt from customer feedback. Join to upskill yourself on New Landonline and the more difficult tasks. CPD points apply. Register here

Customer support – Remote Access Tool

We encourage you to install the Remote Access Tool, so we can help you faster when you’re using the new Landonline applications.

The Remote Access Tool allows our Customer Support Agents (CSAs) to remotely view and control your computer screen when you need technical support using New Landonline. This replaces our former usage of Citrix Director, a Citrix shadowing tool that is limited to monitoring Citrix sessions, for example Legacy Landonline Workspace.  

This tool allows CSAs to see the nature of the issue you are experiencing and find the best and fastest solution. It is designed to enable us to provide you with assistance to resolve more technical issues all in one call.

For information on downloading and installation of the tool refer to Step 6 on our Software downloads page.

Keep your Citrix version updated to minimise security threats 

Citrix Workspace is how your work connects to Landonline. When you are operating a current version, we are all protected from security threats. So, make sure you are using the most up-to-date Citrix Software.

We recommend the long-term service release for Citrix Workspace as this will reduce the frequency of automated updates. If your version number is less than, we strongly recommend you follow our instructions below to upgrade your Citrix Software to ensure ongoing protection and best performance.

Citrix download and installation instructions

More information here: Is it time to upgrade your Citrix Software?

Fees report enhancements!

Based on feedback received we are working hard to add further functionality to the fees report in Landonline Web Search. 

Soon you will be able to export and save copies of reports in both PDF and CSV formats. 

Keep an eye on the What’s new in Search page for more updates.

Transfers creating joint tenancies

Through our e-dealing compliance monitoring activities, we have seen transfers that include requests that the parties be recorded as joint tenants when the resulting ownership is a tenancy in common.

If a transfer results in a tenancy in common it is not possible to change that outcome by including in the transfer a request that the owners shares be combined, and the owners be recorded as joint tenants.   

As this would not comply with the law relating to the creation of joint tenancies, a transfer containing such a request will be requisitioned or rejected as appropriate.

For more information on joint tenancies, see Transfers creating joint tenancies

We have also updated our guidance on Transfer of a share to a remaining owner and Transfer severing a joint tenancy.

Resource management system reform

The Natural and Built Environment Act 2023 (the NBEA) came into force on 24 August 2023. It will replace the provisions for subdividing land in the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA). However, the transition to the new regime will take a number of years. 

RMA subdivision consent requirements will continue to apply until NBEA Plans become operative on a regional basis. Accordingly, there are no changes to the RMA requirements for survey plans and land title transactions involving subdivisions in the meantime.  

We will be ready to register subdivisions as the NBEA comes into full effect, with new Landonline templates for subdivision consent certificates and related instruments as required. Updated guidance on these matters will be published in due course. 

For more information about the resource management system reform and transition from the RMA, refer to the Manatū Mō Te Taiao Ministry for the Environment website resource management system reform.

Change to Private Individual A&I form

The privacy statement in clause 4(g) of the Private Individual A&I form has been revised to ensure it is clear to individuals that their property ownership information is included in the land register and publicly available. 

Clause 4(g) now reads:

“I understand that upon registration of this transaction my full name and property ownership details will be included in the land register as required by the Land Transfer Act 2017 and this information will therefore be publicly available and searchable online.”

Guidance on mapping of customary interests in the Marine and Coastal Area

The Surveyor-General has published guidance for survey and spatial professionals who are preparing maps of areas over which customary interests are sought by iwi, hapū or whānau.  It covers the preparation of maps required by the Courts or Crown for applications for customary marine title and protected customary rights under the Marine and Coastal Areas (Takutai Moana) Act 2011.

The guidance can be found here: Customary interests | Marine information, Māori and iwi, Survey Guidance.

Separate cadastral survey guidelines are being prepared for the preparation of survey plans to support the final agreement or recognition order.

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