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Issue 191

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Urgency Requests: Update to process

From 1 December, all Urgency Requests must be submitted using the “Request for Urgency” request type in Landonline. We will no longer be able to accept requests for urgency via other channels such as email or phone. This change ensures that requests are picked up by the right people in our team, and we will endeavour to respond with an outcome on all urgency requests within 1-2 business days.

Fencing covenants in transfers

A fencing covenant is an agreement between parties that one party does not have to contribute to the cost of erecting or carrying out work on a fence, as per the definition in section 2 of the Fencing Act 1978.  The fencing covenant is registered against the record of title for the burdened land. 

A fencing covenant may be created as part of a transfer instrument by checking the fencing covenant checkbox on the Prepare Transfer page in Landonline. The wording of the fencing covenant then displays in the “Clauses, Conditions or Intent” field of the transfer instrument on both the Preview Instrument page and the Certify and Sign page.

Practitioners should carefully review the details of the transfer instrument to ensure it will have the intended effect, including as to whether or not a fencing covenant should be created, before giving the necessary certifications. If a fencing covenant is created by mistake, and the parties want the error corrected, the fencing covenant may be cancelled following the process set out in regulation 19 of the Land Transfer Regulations 2018.

Great progress on New Landonline

A smooth transition to our new survey platform 

We’re thrilled that the transition to New Landonline – Survey has gone smoothly, following the closure of Legacy Landonline survey capture earlier this month.

This is partially due to having almost 80 surveyors voluntarily removing access to Legacy Landonline survey capture before the official switch – enabling us to iron out issues ahead of the deadline.

Another factor in the smooth transition is ongoing feedback which guides us as we implement and prioritise new features. Our next areas of focus include introducing plan generation, and submit & sign features to New Landonline.

  • Provide feedback either directly through the in-app give feedback button, or by emailing:
  • Identified a bug? Check out our production issues page because we may have already published a work-around: Production issues for Survey
  • Need help? Our dedicated and up-to-date online resources can be accessed by clicking the in-app get help button    

Dealings: Transfer Complex mode now available

By combining both Share/Interest and Part of Land/Complex modes from the legacy app, New Landonline – Dealings now lets you prepare a transfer in Complex mode to:

  • select affected shares or interests
  • describe part of the land
  • add text
  • specify a third-party transfer
  • add preset wording suffix to transferees.

You can also refer to the new pie chart feature which visually summarises ownership.

You’ll only need to return to Legacy Landonline to use the following Transfer instrument functionality:

  • deal with titles separately
  • change due to pending dealing
  • attach an image.

Visit our website for more information on transfers: Prepare a transfer in Complex mode

Password expiry notification

If you’re using New Landonline applications, from December you’ll get reminders to change your password in the 10 days before it expires.  If you don’t change it within that time, you’ll need to change your password on your first login on day 10.
We urge you to change your password the first time you receive the prompt. This is different to the experience when using Legacy Landonline where you only get a reminder when your password expires, with five grace logins.

Tip of the month

If you experience sporadic issues logging in, or if your login fails once every day, it’s time to check your bookmark link. Ensure it’s linked to Landonline so that you don’t miss out on alerts and can access the application you need.

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