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Ngā mihi o te tau hou Māori (happy Māori new year),

In this issue of Landwrap, we encourage you to familiarise yourself with New Landonline functions. We have significant new functionality becoming available across Web Search, Survey and Dealings applications. Consequently, there will be Legacy switch off coming for you to be aware of:  

September – Legacy Titles 

  • certify & sign 
  • release 
  • submit 

October – Legacy Survey 

  • sign and submit.

In this edition:

New Landonline – Web Search: New Spatial Functionality released

Last month saw a major milestone reached by the teams working on Landonline Web Search, with the addition of a large suite of spatial functionality and the introduction of a Map Control Toolbar.

The Map Control Toolbar functions give you more control over the map, including the ability to: 

  • zoom in and zoom out
  • set display thresholds
  • extract survey data into a LandXML file
  • control spatial layers
  • use basemap options to turn the basemap on or off
  • apply other useful map settings such as survey reference clustering setting and auto-locate.
Screenshot from Landonline showing the spatial navigation tools

For more information see:
What’s new in Web Search

New Landonline – Web Search: Pending Information is now available to view

Pending information is now available to view in Web Search.

When a title or survey has a pending dealing or lodged plans associated with it, you will find this information in the relevant summary panel.

Screenshot from Landonline showing the new Pending dealings feature

From the title or survey summary panel, you can click on the pending dealing number to see:

  • specific information related to the pending dealing, including linked requests
  • pending instruments
  • plans to be deposited.

For more information:
What’s new in Web Search

New Landonline – Survey: Sign and submit, Land XML extraction and My Messages now available

We have recently released functionality in New Landonline for Sign and Submit, Land XML extraction and My Messages to support your transition away from Legacy Landonline.

We encourage you to familiarise yourself with this new functionality as we look to turn off Sign and submit in Legacy in October 2024.

You will still need to return to Legacy Landonline to complete Plan Generation.

For more information see:
What's new in Survey

Webinar for Surveyors

For those of you who missed out on the latest webinar you can find it on our YouTube channel:
What's next in New Landonline - Survey

In the webinar we provided an update on:

  • what new functionality is coming and when to the New Landonline – Survey application  
  • how to use New Landonline to Sign and submit and access My Messages  
  • using the new Spatial Search and Land XML extraction in Web-Search. 

Coming soon: Switch off Certify and Sign, Release and Submit in Legacy Landonline 

In September 2024, the following dealing actions will be switched off in Legacy Landonline:  

  • certify & sign
  • release
  • submit 

Once switched off, these actions need to be undertaken in New Landonline for all dealings.

You’ll still be able to set up and prepare dealings in Legacy before finalising them in New Landonline.  

Now is a great time to get familiar with New Landonline - Dealings before these actions are no longer available in Legacy.  You are already able to certify & sign, release and submit most dealing types in New Landonline.  The last piece of functionality enabling sign and submit of image only and OCTN instruments is due to be released soon.    

For help getting started see:
Transitioning to New Landonline – Dealings 

Changes in the Property Rights team

From 1 July you might notice some changes when you’re dealing with people in the Property Rights area. We have changed our role titles in line with broader changes made at Toitū  Te Whenua. Our Property Rights Analysts will now be known as Customer Regulatory Specialists, so you’ll see that reflected in their email signatures. 

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