Biosecurity and biodiversity strategy and our decision making

Our biosecurity and biodiversity strategy will guide our priority-setting and investment decisions over the next 10 years.

Our biosecurity budget has tripled from around $4.5 million per year in 2018/19 to around $17.25 million per year until 2024. This has allowed us to expand our biosecurity work programme to include biodiversity restoration. Our new strategy will guide our priority setting and investment decisions over the next 10 years.  

Biosecurity and biodiversity strategy

Our strategy has 4 goals:   

  • proactive and effective land management
  • data excellence for informed decision making
  • empowering partnerships and connections
  • working with Māori as kaitiaki and as having mana whenua.

The strategy also provides a framework for how we engage with partners and stakeholders, and involve them in decisions and operational planning.

Our strategy will be reviewed every 5 years and aligns with:

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