Jobs for Nature and joint-agency programmes

Jobs for Nature is a $1.219 billion government programme set up in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to support people into nature-based employment. We also work with councils, community groups, landowners and other government agencies to get the best results in the battle against pests and weeds.

Jobs for Nature

In mid-2020 our biosecurity programme was allocated $40m from Jobs for Nature programme.

This additional funding, along with significant budget increases over the previous 2 years means we have a budget of around $17.25 million per year (up from around $4.5 million in 2018/19), totalling nearly $70 million through to 2024.

This massive boost to our biosecurity and biodiversity programme will deliver 70 to 90 new jobs.

Unlike other agencies under the Jobs for Nature programme, our funding is not available for competitive allocation.

Toitū Te Whenua funded Jobs for Nature projects

Joint-agency programmes

To get the best results in the battle against pests and weeds we work closely with community groups, councils, landowners, industry, business, environmental, research and allied government agencies.

We invest across river and lake systems so that our on-the-ground biosecurity control operations are well co-ordinated and produce the best results with the least interruption.

Our aim is to continue to develop new approaches and embrace iwi and community aspirations as we play our part in protecting and restoring our beautiful country.

We contribute to national joint-agency projects including:

As New Zealand’s official mapping agency we develop maps and geospatial tools to help identify and track pests and weeds across the country.

This information is critical for good decision-making and supports our partners as we work to manage threats and restore New Zealand’s birds, plants and fish to their natural habitats.