Find out about how we administer New Zealand’s overseas investment regime to ensure New Zealand’s sensitive assets are in good hands.

New Zealand welcomes overseas investment that benefits New Zealand.

The Overseas Investment Office assesses applications for consent from overseas persons against criteria in the Overseas Investment Act 2005. Overseas persons – including organisations that are more than 25% overseas-owned – that propose investing in New Zealand’s sensitive land, significant business assets, and/or fishing quota, must get consent before they do so.

Overseas person definition

To be granted consent, overseas persons must satisfy us that they can deliver benefits over and above those that an alternative, well-funded New Zealand investor could deliver. These benefits can be economic, social, or environmental – such as creating additional jobs, introducing additional investment into New Zealand, providing walking access, undertaking pest control, or protecting and enhancing indigenous fauna and vegetation. Different criteria are applied for overseas persons wanting consent to build or buy a home here and live in it, develop residential land, or invest in forestry.

Our investment pathways

Decisions on applications for consent under the Act are made either by government Ministers with advice from us, or are made by us, under delegation from Ministers.

Latest decisions

We require applicants to provide truthful and complete information about themselves and their plans when they apply for consent, and we monitor investors who are granted consent to make sure they comply with their conditions of consent. We will take enforcement action when we consider it is necessary.

Our compliance approach

We work closely with other parts of government, including Department of Conservation, the Walking Access Commission, Immigration New Zealand, Inland Revenue, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, the Ministry of Primary Industries, and the Treasury. We have a broad range of skills, knowledge, and experience – including investigators, advisors, and solicitors – and a strong understanding of the business sector. We work in a fast-paced environment with a high level of public interest and scrutiny.


Last Updated: 16 June 2020