LINZ Licence for Pending Approval Data

New Zealand councils must accept the terms of an additional licence before you can access and use additional cadastral data in a ‘pending approval’ state through the LINZ Data Service.

Through the LINZ Data Service, councils can access cadastral parcel data that has been submitted by surveyors as Cadastral Survey Datasets to LINZ for review and approval, but has not yet been approved by LINZ.

The purpose of this data is to assist councils in the management of resource consents and other land management and planning processes, by providing data on possible cadastral boundary movements prior to their formal approval by LINZ.

Summary of the LINZ Licence for Pending Approval Data

Use of this data is regulated by the LINZ Licence for Pending Approval Data 1.0. This licence includes the following conditions:

  • Access is permitted to councils and their approved contractors only — requests by any other parties will be denied
  • You must not redistribute this data

Please read all of the terms and conditions of the LINZ Licence for Pending Approval Data carefully before requesting access to the data through the Parcels Pending Approval — Controlled Access Group.

Access for council contractors

Councils may approve access to these datasets for their contractors. Access approval must be expressly provided to LINZ by an identifiable council manager. Access will be time-bound.

Please email the LINZ Data Service team for more information.