Attributing LINZ Basemaps data

Find out about the data sources used in LINZ Basemaps APIs and how to attribute them in your web map.

Attribution requirements

LINZ Basemaps use the latest open data and are licensed for reuse under the Creative Commons 4.0 International licence. Each Basemap product includes data from LINZ and other authoritative open data sources.

Your product must always visibly show attribution and link to the LINZ copyright statement and the Basemap's custom attribution text.

Find out how to use LINZ Basemap APIs for code examples of how to include attribution in your app.

How to attribute LINZ

LINZ Basemaps data sources

Aerial Imagery Basemap contributors

The LINZ Aerial Imagery Basemap contains data from the following sources:

Topographic Basemap contributors

The LINZ Topographic Basemap contains data from the following sources: