Accessing and downloading geodetic mark data

Our geodetic mark data can be accessed and downloaded from the LINZ Geodetic Database, LINZ Data Service or KML Service.

LINZ Geodetic Database

Information about geodetic marks can be found on the LINZ Geodetic Database (GDB) by searching for a geodetic code, name or location.

LINZ Geodetic Database

To download information on a small number of geodetic marks, use the LINZ Geodetic Database:

  • Select or search for the relevant marks and click ‘Save for Download’.
  • Click ‘Display saved marks’.
  • Click ‘Download saved marks’.  
  • Change the output file by clicking the ‘Select attributes’ button.  
  • Click the ‘Download CSV file’ button to download the file.

LINZ Data Service

To download all geodetic mark data, use the LINZ Data Service.

The LINZ Data Service (LDS) holds geodetic mark data and a range of other data from across Toitū Te Whenua. You need to register to download data from LDS, but registration is free. All geodetic marks can be downloaded at once or you can use the crop function to trim the download area.

As an indication of size, the shapefile of the NZ Geodetic Marks layer is approximately 10MB. The other geodetic marks layers, listed below, are even smaller.

NZ Geodetic Marks

NZ Geodetic Vertical Marks  

Antarctic Geodetic Marks

Antarctic Geodetic Vertical Marks  

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KML Service

Geodetic mark information can be downloaded in the KML format, which can then be viewed spatially in 3D visualisation software such as Google Earth.

Find out about the KML Service