Providing survey mark feedback

We welcome feedback about the safety, maintenance, coordinate or height information of any survey mark. Let us know if marks have been damaged or destroyed, and suggest where new marks should be installed.

Feedback through the LINZ Geodetic Database

Geodetic marks can be found in the Geodetic Database by searching for a geodetic code, name or location.

Search on a map | LINZ Geodetic database 

Search by text  | LINZ Geodetic database

Feedback about an individual geodetic mark can be provided directly in the database:

  1. Select the relevant geodetic mark.
  2. Click 'User feedback' on the left-hand menu.
Survey mark feedback online form
  1. In the feedback form you can upload information about the mark’s condition, other comments, or photos.


    1. The feedback form asks for your name and email address:
      • Your name will be shown with any general comments you enter on this page.
      • Your email will only be used by Toitū Te Whenua to contact you about your feedback, such as requesting survey data or clarifying information.
    2. Your general comments will be visible immediately to other users of user feedback for that mark. Other feedback will be processed by Toitū Te Whenua staff so they can update the Geodetic Database or Landonline, or plan any maintenance.
      • General comments may be deleted at any time (without notification) by Toitū Te Whenua.
      • Photos will only be published when no personal identifying features are visible. For example, photos will not be published if people or vehicle number plates are shown.
  2. You can update or delete your feedback anytime over the next 2 days.

Feedback through email

You can email Toitū Te Whenua with feedback about multiple geodetic marks, other survey mark types, installation recommendations, or if you don’t know the geodetic mark code.

Please include ‘survey mark feedback’ in the subject line, and send you feedback to: 

You should receive a response within 10 working days.