Geodetic Marks app

The LINZ Geodetic Marks app allows users to navigate to geodetic marks, access mark details, submit updated mark photos, and find key non-boundary marks that may need to be protected when engaging in earthworks.

The Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) Geodetic Marks app helps users locate geodetic and other important survey marks. This may be useful for:

  • surveyors and other spatial professionals who use geodetic marks
  • contractors who need to identify and protect survey marks near their works
  • trampers and others who want to find out about trig stations they visit
  • landowners who are interested in the survey marks on their property.

In the LINZ Geodetic Marks app you can:

  • find geodetic marks and other key non-boundary survey marks
  • navigate to marks using a compass or map
  • access mark details, diagrams and photos
  • submit updated mark details and photos
  • report mark maintenance issues
  • create and save mark groups, and add your own marks
  • find the distance to nearby PositioNZ global navigation satellite system reference stations
  • toggle between horizontal and vertical marks
  • filter displayed marks by coordinate order and beacon type. 

PositioNZ reference stations

The current version of the LINZ Geodetic Marks app is available for Android or Apple. If you are updating from a previous Android version, uninstall the older version first before installing the new version.

Download the Android app

Download the Apple app

Refer to the privacy policy for the LINZ Geodetic Marks app to learn about the information we may gather when you interact with the app, and what the information may be used for. 

Privacy policy for the Geodetic Marks app