Survey mark protection

There are thousands of survey marks in New Zealand. Many are below the ground so most of us never see them. Survey marks help in the surveying of property boundaries, as well as engineering, roading, mapping and measuring the position of land, sea and infrastructure.

It is important to take care of survey marks and protect them from damage. We provide a free service to help preserve them.

If you’re planning works

Before you begin your works, you should check whether this might disturb survey marks. You can look on or contact us using the contact details below.

Survey Protection Advisory Service
Land Information New Zealand
PO Box 5501
Wellington 6145


If no marks will be affected by your plans, we should get back to you within a few days and you will be able to start work immediately.

If any marks are at risk, we will send you plans that show the location of the marks. You can either divert your works to avoid disturbing the marks or contract a licensed surveyor to either protect the marks or place new ones in a different location.

If survey marks are destroyed or disturbed

If you or your organisation destroy or disturb survey marks then you are responsible for reinstating or replacing them (Section 55, Cadastral Survey Act 2002). A licensed cadastral surveyor must oversee the reinstatement or replacement to the standards set by the Surveyor-General.

Cadastral Survey Act 2002