Compatibility and configuration

Signals from SouthPAN L1 SBAS can be tracked and processed by many GNSS receivers compatible with WAAS, EGNOS and other SBAS.

Processing SBAS transmissions and tracking GPS L1 is a minimum requirement to use the SouthPAN L1 SBAS service.

New GNSS receivers can also track and process the L5 frequency bands for GPS and Galileo, and a small range have added support for Dual Frequency Multi-Constellation (DFMC SBAS) and Precise Point Positioning via SouthPAN (PVS).

Device compatibility

We are engaging with original equipment manufacturers (OEM) of GNSS devices to increase support for SouthPAN early Open Services.

FrontierSI is leading a receiver compatibility test programme for Toitū Te Whenua and Geoscience Australia. The list of compatible devices and configuration instructions will develop over time as more receivers are tested. 

SouthPAN compatible devices

For specific advice on whether your device is SouthPAN compatible, we encourage you to check with your equipment manufacturer or the SouthPAN compatible devices list. 

There are also apps that can be used to check the GNSS capability of your device. For example, on Android devices you could use GPSTest. This app displays real-time information for GNSS and SBAS satellites in current view of your device. It only provides information and doesn’t enable you to configure your device to a specific GNSS or SBAS satellite. 

Configuring devices

Devices first need to be set to PRN code 122 to enable the SouthPAN navigation signal. 

Some devices may need reconfiguration or a firmware upgrade to do this, although some SBAS-capable devices may do this automatically. If you are unsure, check the specification sheet for your device or contact the manufacturer. 

See guidance on configuring GNSS receivers to use SouthPAN 

For technical information about SouthPAN Early Open Services, please refer to the Service Definition Document for Open Services:

For technical information about SouthPAN Data Access Services, please refer to the SouthPAN Service Definition Document for Data Access Services:

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