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What you need to know about the Landonline Spatial window changes.

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What is changing

We are replacing the software that presents the “map” in the spatial window, to a more modern and supported platform.

What this means for you

What you use the spatial window for won’t change e.g. Searches, Survey capture and Plan Generation. However the way you use the spatial functions will change.


We’ve developed training documents for Landonline Spatial Searches, Survey Capture and Plan Generation:

We recommend that you should at a minimum read the "quick reference guide” and FAQs, for each of the functionalities that specifically relate to your role. You only need to read the training materials that relate to what functionality you use Landonline for. E.g. Searches, Survey Capture and/or Plan Generation.

Spatial Window go-live

When What
7 November 2022
  • Landonline Spatial Services (LSS) Spatial Search, Survey Capture and Plan Generation training materials released.
  • First group of Landonline LSS customers email notification that they will be migrated to LSS on Monday 28 November.
1 week prior to go live
  • Reminder of the LSS go live date via a direct email to the first group of Landonline LSS customers.
28 November 2022
  • First group of Landonline LSS customers migrated to LSS
  • Second/final group of Landonline customers migrated to LSS

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Reiana Thomas on

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