Production issues for Dealings

Information on production issues for New Landonline - Dealings.

Tax statements – preview displaying incorrectly in Microsoft Edge

February 2024

Some customers have found downloading a tax statement using Microsoft Edge is causing the preview to display incorrectly (text not displaying). If this is occurring, check your Microsoft Edge PDF settings or alternatively use Google Chrome or Adobe to view and download tax statements. 

Auto-registered Caveat notices not sent from New Landonline

November 2022 to January 2024

Any caveats that auto-registered via New Landonline did not send the Caveat notice to the registered owner. We have identified the cause and have:

  • Sent the Caveat notices to the impacted registered owners.
  • Blocked submission of auto-registered caveats from New Landonline.

A fix will be made to New Landonline to resume the submission of caveats from the app at a later date. Continue to use Legacy Landonline to submit caveats for registration.

Issue creating a PRNoC for a cancelled title

October 2023

You may not be able to create a post-registration Notice of Change (PRNoC) if the affected title has subsequently been cancelled. This is being investigated but in the meantime if you experience this, you’ll need to manually update the impacted council of the change.

Large dealings may timeout when certifying and signing

August 2023

Your session may timeout when certifying and signing a large dealing containing a lot of titles.

If this happens, either certify and sign the dealing in Legacy Landonline or try again in new Landonline by certifying and signing the instruments in smaller batches.

Ex-colleagues work still showing in Firm Dealings tab

August 2023

There is an issue where the Firm Dealings tab in New Landonline may show the names and any unfinished dealings for colleagues who’ve since left your firm. 

If you experience this, either reassign the dealing to someone in your firm or delete the dealing and the ex-colleague will be removed from the Firm Dealings tab.

If the user has no dealings associated to them and is still displaying in the Firm Dealings list, reach out to our Contact Centre for further support.

SQL Error-284 when trying to submit a dealing

December 2022

If your dealing contains a transfer and the dealing fails to submit, check the Instruments & Roles page as the transfer instrument might have both roles (transferor and transferee) set to be both responsible for fees. Make the necessary correction and submit your dealing again.

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