Production issues for Web Search

Information on production issues for New Landonline - Web Search.

Download option not working for product viewed on screen

May 2023

If you choose to view a document in Web search using the Open in new window icon,

Image of the view in new window arrow icon.

it will display the document as expected.

Screenshot of a document displayed as expected.

But if you then attempt to download what is being viewed using the Download icon from within the View screen,

Image of the download icon.

the file will fail to download and you will be presented with this error.

Screenshot of the file download error message.

You can use one of the following work arounds.

  • Use the Download icon from the order screen.

    Use the Download icon from the order screen
  • Add the item to the product list and use either the download option or 'order' function from there. Note these options will not result in additional charges so long as they are done under the same reference number and within the same day. 

Blank screen when printing summary page

January 2023

Attempting to print the summary page from your browser gives a blank screen rather than the details you see onscreen.

Error using commas when requesting a manual copy

January 2023

Typing a comma in any field of the Request Manual copy form gives an incorrect error regarding not requesting multiple items at once. The workaround is to not use commas in the form.

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