New Zealand Nautical Almanac (NZ 204) - Extracts

Extracts are corrected according to changes notified in Notices to Mariners (NtMs), so they may be more up-to-date than the printed Almanac.

Notices to Mariners (NtMs)

Website content updated by NtMs will be amended by the NtM publish date. Extracts provided in PDF format from the New Zealand Nautical Almanac are page numbered accordingly.

Acknowledging copyright

Where information from the New Zealand Nautical Almanac (NZ 204) is downloaded, reproduced, derived or copied from Land Information New Zealand material the following acknowledgement note should be shown on the product and associated media:

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Almanac contents

Astronomical information

  • True bearing of the sun at sunrise and sunset
  • Planet visibility.

Moonrise & moonset tables

  • Auckland
  • Bluff
  • Lyttelton
  • Waitangi, Chatham Island
  • Wellington.

Sunrise & sunset tables

  • Auckland, Bluff, Dunedin, East Cape, Gisborne, Lyttleton
  • Napier, Nelson, New Plymouth, North Cape, Picton, Puysegur Point
  • Tauranga, Timaru, Waitangi (Chatham Island), Wellington, Westport, Whangarei.


Light list information

  • General information sheet about New Zealand lights
  • North Island Lights List
  • South Island Lights List
  • Chatham Islands Lights List.

Annual Notices to Mariners

Annual Notices to Mariners are standing notices issued each year in the Almanac.

Maritime contacts

  • New Zealand harbour masters
  • New Zealand port operators.

Report a hazard to navigation - submit a hydrographic note

Mariners are requested to advise the New Zealand Hydrographic Authority of the discovery of new or suspected dangers to navigation, or shortcomings in charts or publications.

Coastal Distances Table


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