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A national geodetic system and its associated national survey control system are fundamental components of a nation’s infrastructure.

The unique property of a geodetic system is its ability to allow the integration of multiple geographically dependent data sources into a single geographic reference frame.

This standard defines the:

  • New Zealand Geodetic Datum 2000 (NZGD2000), the official national geodetic datum for New Zealand,

  • parameters that define NZGD2000,

  • NZGD2000 deformation model, which allows the transformation of coordinates from the reference epoch 2000.0 to any other time, and

  • transformation parameters between NZGD2000 and other historic and commonly used geodetic datums in New Zealand.

Any person using NZGD2000 must comply with this standard.

Please also read the technical note below describing the accuracy of WGS84 transformations.