Access aerial imagery of New Zealand through the LINZ Data Service and LINZ Basemaps.

LINZ makes New Zealand’s most current publicly-owned aerial imagery – covering 95% of the country – freely available to use under an open licence through the LINZ Data Service, and now through the LINZ Basemaps service.

Aerial imagery is captured from airborne sensors and cameras. It provides an accurate photographic representation of the earth’s surface and the features on it. It can be used to visualise landscape, or to understand how an area has evolved over time. We also publish satellite imagery, providing a nationwide view of the New Zealand mainland and offshore islands.

Download data or stream imagery map services from the LINZ Data Service

The LINZ Data Service provides access to raster images for each individual regional imagery dataset, as well as the associated index that provides contextual information such as date of capture and extent:

You can also investigate the coverage and attribute information for all LINZ aerial imagery datasets on the LINZ Data Service via the NZ Imagery Survey Index dataset:

Display a national imagery map with the LINZ Aerial Imagery Basemap

Our ready to use Aerial Imagery basemap details New Zealand in high resolution - from a nationwide view all the way down to individual buildings.

This basemap combines the latest high-resolution aerial imagery down to 5cm in urban areas and 10m satellite imagery to provide full coverage of mainland New Zealand, Chathams and offshore islands.

Last Updated: 22 July 2020