Historic NZGD2000 & RSRGD2000 Orders

These Orders were superseded in May 2010.

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Until May 2010 NZGD2000 and RSRGD2000 coordinates were described by a system of Orders that were based on the quality of the coordinate, and the role of the survey mark in the development of the geodetic control and cadastral survey framework.

Orders 0 to 5 had different horizontal and vertical accuracy tolerances (as specified below). For Orders 6 to 10 the horizontal and vertical tolerances were the same.

Orders 0 to 7 were considered to be survey accurate and the accuracy defined the relative accuracy between marks. Orders 6 and 7 were applied to Landonline survey accurate cadastral traverse and boundaries respectively. The accuracy defined for Orders 8-10 was indicative only.

Orders 6-7 were not used for marks in the RSRGD2000.

This Order scheme was replaced when the Standards for the Geospatial Accuracy Framework (LINZS25005) and for Tiers, Classes and Orders of LINZ Data (LINZS25006) came into effect in May 2010.

Order Description Accuracy (95% CI)
0 International Control Network Horiz 0.003m + 0.01ppm
Vert 0.003m + 0.03ppm
1 National Control Network Horiz 0.003m + 0.1ppm
Vert 0.003m + 0.3ppm
2 Regional Control Network Horiz 0.003m + 1ppm
Vert 0.01m + 3ppm
3 Local Control Network Horiz 0.01m + 3ppm
Vert 0.01m + 10ppm
4 Urban Control Network Horiz 0.01m + 10ppm
Vert 0.01m + 30ppm
5 Cadastral Control (includes new control; resurveyed control; adopted and re-adjusted NZGD1949 and Old Cadastral control traverses) Horiz 0.01m + 30ppm
Vert 0.01m + 100ppm
6 Cadastral traverses that comply with the Surveyor-General's Rules for Cadastral Survey 0.02m + 100ppm
7(i) Class I cadastral boundaries and traverses that fail Order 6 tests 0.04m + 100ppm
7(ii) Class II cadastral boundaries, Class I boundaries that fail Order 7(i) tests and traverses that fail Order 6 and 7(i) tests 0.10m + 100ppm
7(iii) Class III cadastral boundaries, Class II boundaries that fail Order 7(ii) tests, Class I boundaries that fail Order 7(i) and 7(ii) tests and traverses that fail Order 6, 7(i) and 7(ii) tests 0.25m + 100ppm
8 Transformed NZGD1949 control, Class IV cadastral data, Class I, II and III boundaries and traverses that fail Orders 6, 7(i), 7(ii) and 7(iii) tests, converted higher accuracy DCDB data (source code 1) 0.5 m (nominal)
9 Converted medium accuracy DCDB data (source codes 2-10) 5m (nominal)
10 Transformed Order 6 NZGD1949 control, converted low accuracy DCDB data (source codes 11,12) 50m (nominal)