You are viewing guidance that refers to, or is for Legacy Landonline.

Save and print multiple search items

Find out how to select and print multiple items from Landonline searches.

View the video at the bottom of this page or follow the steps outlined below.

Steps to save and print

  1. In the search tree, you'll see checkboxes next to items that can be saved or printed.
    Landonline search tree with unticked checkboxes
    Landonline search tree with items selected
  2. Once you've selected one or more items, click on the File menu and choose either ‘Save All Selected…’ or ‘Print All Selected…’ 

  3. Choosing either option will display a confirmation window. Clicking on the Show Details button will display the detailed fees for the selected item(s). Note that any items already viewed, printed or saved in the current session will not be charged a second time.

    Confirm Products Selected window
    Confirm Products Selected window with details displayed
  4. When saving, you will then be prompted to select a folder to save to. (Note due to Citrix restrictions the folders you can access may be limited depending on your local environment, you should contact your system administrator in the first instance if you experience issues with selecting a folder).

    Browse for Folder window
  5. A progress window will display. Once saving has completed, a message will display.

    Message 12633 Saving of files has completed
  6. If a file being saved already exists, you will see a message. You will have the option to replace the existing file or create a new one, as well is applying the same action to any other duplicated files.

    File already exists warning
  7. When printing, you will be presented with a print window enabling you to choose a printer.

    Print window
  8. A progress window will display. The items will then print directly, or a preview will display (depending on your Uniprint settings).



  • Under the File menu, the Preferences option allows you to set your default preferences for saving images.
  • Under the File menu, the Deselect All option will deselect all currently checked items in the tree.
  • If you select more than 20 items - the maximum allowed number - a message will display.
  • If a selected item has no image available, a message will display and the item will not be selected.

This functionality was updated as part of Landonline Release 3.11 in May 2015.