You are viewing guidance that refers to, or is for Legacy Landonline.

UniPrint options may result in incomplete printed products

Some users experience intermittent errors when printing Landonline search products.

When previewed, the product may displays in its entirety but when printed some details may disappear, for example e.g. the Registrar’s seal or some other text may not print.

This only seemsproblem can to occur when UniPrint’s Preview option is active. It is, so we strongly recommended that customers change their UniPrint Preview settings to either:

  • Preview with Acrobat®Reader or
  • No Preview.

The steps to change these settings are:

  1. Right click on the UniPrint icon which displays in the notification area of the Windows Taskbar (normally located at bottom right of your computer screen)
    UniPrint tray icon
  2. Select the Settings option to display the UniPrint Client Settings screen
  3. Select either ‘No Preview’ or ‘Preview with Acrobat® Reader’ under the listed ‘Previewing’ options
    UniPrint previewing options
  4. Save the changes before closing the screen.

This issue has been added to the Known Issues section, and our Landonline Developers are looking at longer term options to address this fault.